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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Hi Guys 🙂 In this video I show you how to remove the dreaded Mealybugs from your VERY spiny or hairy cactus plants 🙂 ★ Check out my website ★ Facebook ★ Twitter Thank you for watching, please give me a Like and I would love you to SUBSCRIBE for regular updates and take a look at my other Cacti and Succulent and nature videos to see my weird and wacky cacti and other succulent plants up close and personal. HAPPY GROWING GUY’S 🙂 Royalty Free Music Music By Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


  • Wayne Byerly 2 years ago

    What do those derned mealybugs eat when they are not eating our beloved cacti? 🙂

  • Wayne Byerly 2 years ago

    Regarding the production of your video's: you spoke of not rehearsing your videos… that you liked them better "natural". Actually, I personally think that the watchers of your videos would be better served if you DID do some basic pre-planning ahead of time. For example: accumulate everything you're going to need for the creation of your videos beforehand. Frankly, we do not need to watch you labor to fill your bottles with alcohol, or to search after some implement you require. It's just a waste of our time. Please don't be offended here. I very much like your videos. But I do think that a little beforehand planning will go a long way to making your videos more concise … more watchable. Know what you want to say, at least an outline form, before you start recording. Not that I have noticed you doing much of this at all, but reduce your usage of "mmmm" and "uhhh" as much as possible. It just doesn't make you sound professional. Nobody is going to much mind the things that you cannot control, like your neighbor mowing the grass. But things like discussing your cat because it's wandered into the video it's not something your watchers want to see. If they wanted to see cats, then they would watch videos about cats. I just use that as an example. And one final thing, and again please don't be offended as this is just personal opinion and I'm only trying to help you make the best videos possible, keep the content of your videos as close to the subject stated in the video description as possible. And by that I mean if your videos description talks about "how to remove mealybugs", then don't discuss how to keep them watered. Again, don't be offended by this as I really do like your videos very much. These are just basic tips and techniques for making your videos more coherent and more to the point. Thank you very much for the videos that you do post. I appreciate your time and efforts very much.

  • holistic79 2 years ago

    what about cactus that grow hair?

  • Srinivasan naveen 2 years ago

    Great video thank you. I want to know will it be effective on scales 5 of my cacti has been infected by scales and I am able to use a brush .

  • Gianni Giampolo 2 years ago

    at 12:00 the table looks like a face, is it just me?

  • bunnyrabbitshavehats 2 years ago

    Did this after some unusual humid weather made mealy bugs spring up overnight. I had such a hard time getting them under control. This is really helpful!!!

  • Deemed Unfit 2 years ago

    when you mention a cactus name, will you kindly spell it out in discription?

  • Beth Levenstein 2 years ago

    Thank you for this information, very helpful

  • 2 years ago

    I always keep a spray bottle of isopropyl alcohol handy. It works wonders on several kinds of pests! I don't like using chemicals that could be harmful! Those are some gorgeous Mammillaria's. Thanks for sharing Lyn!

    Much love & Many Blessings!

  • The Grumpy Gardener 2 years ago

    Job well done, thanks for the info!!

  • Nicodemo 2 years ago

    Congratulations! Giant tarantula! Good night. I love you.

  • mardel3 2 years ago

    Great tip… I'm dealing with little flying bugs on my gardenia tree that are eating the leaves away. It's a struggle but hopefully I could get rid of them soon.

  • stef hendriks 2 years ago

    Good job Lynn! !!!!!
    you safed your beauties.
    Love Stef
    Since i pot the mammilarias in more grit ( especially the toplayer ) the problem with root mealies are resolved . twice a year a let them swim in a big" like barrel " with soapy water .I know it's not a option in Ireland than your plants are drowned.

    Hans and Lynn have a wonderful weekend. love Stef

  • oxoxo vickie oxoxo 2 years ago

    you're always so happy and bubbly. thank you. I've recently developed a cacti addiction. brought 3 new ones just today. is it possible to keep them quite small? I'm limited on space but I love them so much.

  • 1st508th Airborne 2 years ago

    Thanks for the tips Lyn! Best wishes to you and Hans! 🙂

  • runescapefan17 2 years ago

    This works for scale insect too!

  • Archie's Orchids And Greenhouse 2 years ago

    my mamillaria supertexta has a infestation, this helped alot thanks!

  • Peter Mc Guinness 2 years ago

    Fantastic advice Lyn! I better go order some of that!

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