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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote How do you repot your cactus or spiky succulents without getting stuck?! Jeff Pavlat from the Austin Cactus & Succulent Society demonstrates how to do it. He shows the potting mix he likes to use and how he tops off each plant. Find out more at my cacti collection summer 2011 Video Rating: / 5

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  • Teresa Rocha 1 year ago

    gostava de catos mas traduzido em portugu

  • Teresa Rocha 1 year ago

    gostava de catos mas traduzido em portugu

  • eric holder 1 year ago

    Other tutorials recommend completely removing all soil and trimming back roots. Glad to see expert opinion doesnt recommend messy stuff like that?

  • Mr Eighty 1 year ago

    should i re-pot store/nursey bought plants?

  • Viviana Rojas 1 year ago

    Good explanation! Thanks!?

  • Coco Saucedo 1 year ago


  • smahalko 1 year ago

    Quick, easy to follow along and informative! I appreciate the help.

  • ArizonaAdventures 1 year ago

    good info.!

  • Jeanne Koh 1 year ago


  • Jeanne Koh 1 year ago


  • Sabir Abdulhasanzade 1 year ago

    Damn.. Incredible cactiland! Tell me please, it's possible that I can grov 10 diffirent Cactus mix in same pot??

  • ghayath2011 1 year ago

    Really beautiful?

  • TheHarrylarham 1 year ago

    It it wrong Im deeply jealous?

  • Din Mor sutter ost 1 year ago

    Do you have any peyote plants?

  • Neusa Cenzi 1 year ago

    Boa noite ,Maravilhoso,lindos eu passo o meu tempo qdo tive o AVC, eles sentiram quase todas as sulentas tbem,quisra ter mudas diferentes se pudesse viajar para fora do Brasil o meu olhos seria so Cactus suculentas, Plantas e flores pra mim a coisa mais importante do mundo,os seus s

  • Alex Seely 1 year ago

    you have a lot

  • Elizete Soidan 1 year ago

    Muito lindo. Gosto muito de cactus. You have a beautiful collection, parabens.

  • Joan Ols 1 year ago

    Wish you could post a list of the cati you have outside. I dont know which ones to keep on my covered patio with no sun, or a partial sun on other patio or full sun on west side of house. Help.

  • Marlen Garcia 1 year ago

    hermoso es lo mas lindo q he visto….. es mi sue

  • cringkiloli 1 year ago


  • Gracie Lee 1 year ago

    That is really pretty, but I'd hate to trip and fall in your backyard.

  • APEXX RAPIDS 1 year ago

    Hi I love ur collection,please.check out my vid on my cacti

  • Randy Burns 1 year ago

    I have enjoyed viewing your collection. It is spectacular. Love your greenhouse. Wish I had one like it.

  • acerb45666555 1 year ago

    Fantastic bunch!

  • Nijol? Pa 1 year ago


  • alberto ramirez olvera 1 year ago

    Hi, i like, one question? how many types of cactus do you have, congratulations, from mexico city.

  • Boyd Newman-Caro 1 year ago

    cactus hoarder anyone?