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  • Diana Torres 4 years ago

    Thanks!! I love your videos! did the original cacti make it? or did you scrap them?

  • Maryam Seif 4 years ago

    Is all type of cactus suitable for juice?

  • Donna Meade 4 years ago

    wow great tutorial thank you

  • Alejandro Luis Marcelino 4 years ago

    Does putting cinnamon directly onto the cut off part help or harm the process of healing the cut part?

  • mark batten 4 years ago

    great advice, thank you!

  • mark batten 4 years ago

    great advice, thank you!

  • pc warmunger 4 years ago

    In Australia ,How to Root a Cactus sounds painful. Root has a different slag meaning down here.BTW love your work I've done a few succulent pots using your know how.

  • sara zai 4 years ago

    how long does it took for the cactus pup to grow roots?

  • Lizzy Fox 4 years ago

    I looked at your facebook page and didn't see any pictures of the cactus after they rooted. Did you end up posting any photos that I missed? I have a cactus (not sure of the type) that has grown some arms, it seems to have roots still, but I'm concerned that the roots are rotting because the base of the plant is a light brown. I'm wondering if my cactus was growing arms because it's unhealthy like yours was in this video, how would i tell if rotting is happening? While I was moving my cactus to a new pot recently, one of the arms fell off so I am trying the method described in your video. Hopefully it will root!

  • Sheril Lobo 4 years ago

    Hi, could u pls help me. I hav a few moon cactus' nd they are rotting from the root right though to the stem. Wat should I do to save them. I am in India.
    Sheril Lobo

  • C Schroeder 4 years ago

    Question! The cactus that was growing in a weird direction, is there anything that can be done with the base of the cactus that was left over? Thank you!

  • dzeko jamal 4 years ago

    omg,so cute

  • Mela Gonzalez 4 years ago

    this is so helpful, I'm a beginner at the whole re-potting and rooting cacti thing. your video was probably the most useful one I've found so far! where do I find the cacti mix, by the way?

  • Letmepickmynameidiot 4 years ago

    Hi. I have a couple of cacti and I would like to propagate them but they won`t grow any babies I can cut off and plant. Is there something wrong with them? They look completely healthy in any way.

  • Jacqueline Presch 4 years ago

    Thank you very much for sharing 🙂 I will definitely try this :)

  • aneela vinnakota 4 years ago

    Thanks for these wonderful series of videos Laura!..Would be nice if you can do a video on adeniums ( repotting, care) too!!

  • I had a grafted cactus and the base rotted but the actual cactus ball is fine, it fell off cleanly. However on the base there is a root that at one point was growing in the other graft. If I let the bottom callus will this root die? I'm afraid the surrounding area might rot if I plant it now but if it has a root would it be ok?

  • Marneus Calgar (Djahriman) 4 years ago

    Being Australian, this video title is hilarious.

  • GratisGan 4 years ago

    It's really helpful thanks a lot

  • Natalie Larkin 4 years ago

    Wonderful video, thank you.

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