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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote How to sculpt cacti or cactus using polymer clay. (cernit and fimo in my case) ↠ Help me make more videos and art : —— // FIND ME : ↠ Website : ↠ Instagram : ↠ FB : ↠ Twitter : // MUSIC Intro song : “portals” by Three Chain Links Video Rating: / 5 Tutorial Setup SNMP with CACTI in VirtualBox and GNS3 Video ini berisi tutorial singkat tentang konfigurasi CACTI pada Ubuntu dan SNMP client di Windows 8.1 beserta proses monitoringnya. Video Rating: / 5


  • val hadfield 2 years ago

    Thank you for this Stephanie. My husband loves a loss and cacti. I think I will try to make some as a garden, very small, for part of a gift. Blessings

  • SHAE DIY 2 years ago

    Wow they turned out so well! I love how the paint gave it more depth and really made it even more realistic

  • Heidi Huang 2 years ago

    What kind of clay is used for the work?

  • Elizabeth S 2 years ago

    These are just the cutest, your work is awesome!!

  • Millie Ubu 2 years ago

    i love your cactus!

  • Anna Nuvoloni 2 years ago

    Love this video and cactus! Your sculptures are perfect and very beautiful!

  • Nancy H 2 years ago

    I love these!  What is the name of the flat tool that you are using to shape these? I would love to have one!

  • Yo hablo tú hablas 2 years ago

    I could watch you sculpting all day long!

  • Star of the East 2 years ago

    Aaarggg these are freaking adorable, love the spiky ones especially 🙂

  • Nuta O 2 years ago

    Your sculpts are always so realistic! Great job!

  • Natalis Iolalis 2 years ago


  • Edith Laszlo 2 years ago

    Absolument génial, comme toujours 😉

  • jadeetdaly 2 years ago

    ch millimètre ch partie
     que de détails de précisions
    je n'ai plus de mot fantastique bravo

  • Sushi PlushieTM 2 years ago


  • Lee W 2 years ago

    I am really enjoying these cacti and succulents! They are my favorite. I look forward to seeing more of this deforestation project.

  • MyVeganExperiment 2 years ago

    These are so adorable! 😀 You're very talented. Very happy I found your channel, going to follow you for sure!

  • DreamSeerXIII 2 years ago

    Actually I have a request. Do you think you could make Himalayan blackberries? Not just the berries, but the thorn bush/vines as well.

    It's an invasive species and it grows all over the place where I live. I haven't seen it be made with polymer clay yet. I mean, I've been trying to sculpt it myself, but I would like to see you try it too. Besides, you're more experienced at making plants than me…
    Well in the end it's all up to you. Hope you have a good day 😀

  • Hiep Pham 2 years ago

    Can you give me a document by text?

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