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  • BigT 1 week ago

    Terrible advice…

  • Dura-Guard Paver Sealing 1 week ago

    This is NOT the way to go about brick paver cleaning and sealing… check out the videos on our account to see the CORRECT way to seal brick pavers.

  • randy cruz 1 week ago

    I didn't hear a word she said I was admiring her beauty I enjoyed the whole video

  • Jason Ldd 1 week ago

    This owner gives bad advice on just about everything to do with paver sealing.  You must wait 24 hours, not 1 or 2 hours, or more to let your paver completely dry before applying the sealer.  Also the paver in the video are full of weed and and the tools they used is just horrible (garden hose and bug spray bottle).  Please take off this video.  It is making you and your company look awful.

  • Susan Kinyon 1 week ago

    Drip tubing certainly helps with the stains against the brick house and potential basement flooding, as well as ease of watering shrubs and plants. Great video.

  • honkara 1 week ago

    Can I convert a sprinkler zone for source of water to drip irrigation as shown here? What do I need to connect it to the black pipe you used to connect to the pipe.

  • Hera 1 week ago

    You used two different blue colored adapters. I have been unable to locate these on Amazon. Is there somewhere we could order these male 1/2 to 1/2 poly barb and the 3/4 barb to 1/2 barb? You sold me on converting my various flowerbed misters to drip. I have problems with hard water spotting my plants too. Thank you for all of your information and easy to follow instructions. You make it look easy……….now let's see!

  • Adriana Isabel 1 week ago

    Wondering if there's anything I need to consider for the wintertime in terms of things freezing/expanding/esp in regards to tubing?

  • Wiltrud Friesch 1 week ago

    I didn't know you already explaind the drip tube in detail. That's what I was search for. Can you maybe put all videos about drip tubing in one folder/ Playlist in YouTube?

  • Creatively Candace 1 week ago

    My husband thinks if we put drip irrigation were going to have trouble with soil getting stuck into it and it drying up if we put it into our vegetable garden. Can you use it in a vegetable garden or even flower garden that doesnt have landscape fabric over the soil?

  • Billie Hilton 1 week ago

    This is a great video I have my timer and was able to set it up with you.  Now it's getting outside and laying everything out but I feel pretty confident and thank goodness for YouTube and Garden Answer!!!  Wish me Luck!!

  • langell77 1 week ago

    Soooooo helpful!! Thank you

  • Holly Marie 1 week ago

    Thank you for showing how to do this project! You have made me believe I can tackle this myself! Wish me luck!

  • Brady Pennington 1 week ago

    decent video, but although she doesn't think the backflow and pressure regulator are not necessary the backflow preventer is required by code and keeps your water clean.

  • Mr Underhill 1 week ago

    really good – thanks!

  • Roxanna Morgan 1 week ago

    You stated in your video that the brown drip tubing has 18" hole spacing but your link is for 12" spacing. I want to purchase the correct tubing. I am following your instructions to the tee, so want to get this right. Would the 12" emit to much water or is it best to stick to the 18"? Thanks!

  • Pamela Delago 1 week ago

    How did you place the tubing underneath the front walk?

  • Terry Hartman 1 week ago

    Thank you for your informative videos! I've been using drip irrigation for containers and needed a better way to irrigate my large mixed borders. Your method using 1/2 inch drip lines will save me time not to mention my sore fingers.

  • Jessel D1223 1 week ago

    Hi Laura. I have a question, this may sound silly but i just need to clarify. So after we set up everythig iwe turn on to check if its working. Then after that, we set up the Timer, then what? We turn on the faucet the whole time & wait for the timer to work it's timing, right???
    Does it sound dumb? I guess but i need answer.

  • Priyanjali Sinha 1 week ago

    Excellent information/tutorial. Thank you so much!

  • Samantha Barris 1 week ago

    Great info, thanks

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