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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Setting up a habitat for bearded dragons, leopard geckos and unomastyx is easy and fun. Find out what equipment you need to create the perfect home for your reptile with this step-by-step guide from PetSmart. How to Set Up A Desert Terrarium for Leopard Geckos and Uromastyx and Bearded Dragons (like this guy, Buddy) What you need: 1. heat lamp 2. UVB lamp 3. thermometer-hygrometer 4. water & feeding dish 5. plants and décor 6. basking rock 7. hiding spot 8. Substrate Choose the right size habitat (adult beardies need 40 gallons). Add 2-3 inches of calcium sand for adults (for lizards under 6 inches use reptile carpeting). Terrariums need a cool and hot side. Add a shelter for your lizard to hide. Add décor and plants. Add food and water bowl to cool side. Install thermometer-hygrometer to monitor temperature & humidity. Add screened lid. Add a UVB lamp to mimic daylight. Add heat lamp over the basking spot on the warm side. Video Rating: / 5


  • Eva Boord 8 months ago

    Love how petsmart says this but doesn't do it at all…

  • Static YT 8 months ago

    The tank is way to small and dont use the sand

  • Donie Little 8 months ago

    No way that’s a 40 gallon tank

  • PLATINUM 8 months ago

    This is not for Leos at all!

  • PLATINUM 8 months ago

    Noooooooo calcium sand!!!!

  • Mikkel Juul Madsen 8 months ago

    Ugliest setup every!! Poor thing

  • rowan w 8 months ago

    Bearded dragons should be housed in a MINIMUM of 4ft x 2ft x 2ft for a semi-arboreal, active agamid… This is extremely small, no way you can provide a proper photo and thermal gradient in this size of an enclosure; its pitiful.

  • Elvis Truong 8 months ago

    I feel so bad for the reptile with the small tank

  • Aaron Christensen 8 months ago


  • Freedom Planet Fan 8 months ago

    That does not look like a 40 gallon tank…

  • Layla Thornton 8 months ago

    The tank is too small for the bear die to move around and sand can cause impaction

  • I am the Ghost 8 months ago

    Is it 40 gallon? 20 gallon is for babies I think :/

  • reptilehell 8 months ago


  • TRES-4 8 months ago

    Sand Will Kill Leopard Geckos, UVB Lamps Can Blind Them, Heat Lamps Aren't Needed, (heat mats are) You Need 2 Hides, And They Don't Need A Basking Spot ( they don't bask).

  • Michaela Crawford 8 months ago

    No sand!!!!!!

  • 70 nigga 8 months ago

    Such a big tank great setup

  • Derp Gaming 8 months ago

    Everything about this video is bad

  • Puroxal 8 months ago

    I bet the comments are all a bombards end session

  • lpssavvygirl films 8 months ago

    Petsmart the love of pets more like Petsmart the death of pets

  • Es uno de los millones que murieron dejen esos animales y que vivan en su naturalesa!!

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