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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote John from shares with you everything you wanted to know about plant spacing when growing in a raised bed garden. He will also share with you how he feeds his dog, Oakley. In this episode, at a viewers request, John gives you a garden tour of his garden with a tape measure to show you how he spaces the vegetables he is growing in his square foot raised bed garden. You will learn how to space out various summer crops, such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, cucumbers, brocolli, onions, sunchokes, kale, and much, much more. Along the way John will also share many of his square foot vegetable gardening tips and tricks he has learned over the years. You will discover why John doesn’t always use the recommended square foot garden spacing and the benefits of deviating from the recommended spacing. You also get to see what John is growing in his summer garden this year. Finally, John will take you inside and share with you his OPINIONS on what he feeds his dog, Oakley. You will learn John’s thoughts on what most animals on earth should eat to have the highest level of health.. Hint: Its NOT GMO FooDS! After watching this episode, you will have a better understanding of plant spacing when growing in an urban square foot raised bed garden as well as what you might want to feed your dog for health and longevity. Subscribe to Growing Your Greens for more videos like this: Follow John on Instagram: Watch all 1100+ GrowingYourGreens Episodes at: Talk to John for 10 minutes Referenced Videos: How I enrich my soil and plant my peppers in a raised bed: Episode on Egyptian Walking Onions Get your free tape measure […]


  • Reanna Mae 3 years ago

    Hey John, thumbs up on the video! I totally agree with you about what we feed our pets, and try to do the same… but I'm pretty sure I heard you say avocados, and then read onions as an ingredient, both are not good for dogs, I learned the hard way after mixing some of my homemade veggie soup in with my dogs food (organic, safe, never an issue before)… onions and garlic dehydrate dogs, and can cause problems. Luckily it wasn't serious and they were ok after a couple of days… just sharing some info :)

  • Frank Anderson 3 years ago

    I've tried to give my dog lettuce and she won't touch it. She will eat fruits though and really enjoys them.

  • Strevale 3 years ago

    Some things to keep in mind when feeding your dog:

  • James Licking 3 years ago

    John you should check out some of the gardens in Alaska they would blow your mind chard to 3'-4' cabbage to 25+lbs go thru Alaska seed company.

  • Paul Eberly 3 years ago

    John do you have an email that I could message you with. I have a couple of question with my compost that involves straw and chicken manure that I was hoping you could help me with. Appreciate any help, thank you 

  • J Dubb 3 years ago

    Well what stuff are you feeding your dog? The question is an important one. Dog food today is killing our dogs.

  • whereisthematrixedge 3 years ago

    Love your authenticity John. I recall a video a while back when you were moved to tears explaining your love for what you do. I can not thank you enough brother for such positive vibes to all. I mayjust convert my garden to full aquaponics zone as a response

  • cigar FMFDoc 3 years ago

    my next bed, I'm going to do it square foot style

  • americanwillow 3 years ago

    Maybe people want to see what you feed your dog to get some ideas………just like your garden videos. It shouldn't be such a surprise, John.

  • TheCrnic 3 years ago

    So you wash up on a deserted island and you find 10 edible, what plants would you want them to be?

  • Marcy RP 3 years ago

    @ 1: 24 "stuff that I would almost eat"… LOL That dried dog food? Glad to hear SOME animals like that. I just threw away a box of each of dog AND cat food… not even the feral cats liked it. It just looked like mush, but they wouldn't touch it.

  • Lindsay Jelleff 3 years ago

    Hey John, I love your hat, haha, where can I get one. I really do enjoy your shorter versions, thanks

  • Salvador Vazquez Jr 3 years ago

    Don't know but to me John seams like he was forced to do this video. He does not look as happy like he has with the other videos. Don't know if he is getting sick or just woke up but he looks a little off to me.

  • VirtualLife 3 years ago

    Agree. There is no perfect number everyone has to follow. It all depends on each individual's plant growth rate and full potential size due to soil and climate condition.

  • Stetson Warner 3 years ago

    Dude I used to hate how long winded you were. However as I watched your videos I understand more and more what you are talking about. Keep it up bro!

  • Daniel Markham 3 years ago

    59:00 …

  • Joshua T Cromer 3 years ago

    Are you still selling your shirts?

  • Anna shtey 3 years ago

    Thanks for this super information video on spacing. I relocated some of my bell peppers after this video because they were too close together! So I'm going to keep on growing! ;-)

  • John Hafenecker 3 years ago

    Get rid of the tag on your hat, it bugs me….LOL

  • Chia Goji 3 years ago

    Great video!!! Grow Crazy buddy!!! :)

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