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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Starting a flower garden is a great landscaping idea to beautify your yard or add to an existing garden. Learn how to design, amend and plant a new flower garden in this how-to video from Read more on the basics of starting a garden here: Visit for more! And find us on: • Facebook: • Pinterest: • Twitter: • Tumblr: • Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Video Rating: / 5 The Butchart Gardens is a group of colorful floral display gardens in Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada, located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. An it is one of most beautiful garden in the world after Dubai Miracle Garden and Keukenhof Garden. This video is the compilation of natural flowers in Butchart garden such as beautiful tulip flowers, roses, camellia flowers, other exotic flowers and green garden that you may never have seen before. The flower garden landscaping and design idea seems perfect and relaxing to visit. This video is licensed under creative commons, If you use my video, kindly put my video channel link in your description The video is remixed from creative common and credit to: Video title: The Butchart Gardens by Paul Deutsch, Video title: The Butchart Gardens – Part 1, The Garden By Day, by Paul Deutsch, Music credit to: Relaxation_Parkinsons2012, Pictures are under creative common and credit to the below link: By Steve Olmstead, Butchart Gardens, available: By abdallahh The Butchart Gardens, By Kevin Verbeem The Butchart Gardens , By Makuahine Pa’i Ki’i Butchart Gardens, By CHUAN MING LIANG The Butchart Gardens, By Todd Slagter By Colin Zhu By i2n2 Butchart Garden, By BeautifulFlowersChannel Video Rating: […]


  • Lorie Riley 1 year ago

    thank you very much i have never made a flower garden bless you're heart

  • Faye Wren 1 year ago

    Do you really have to put plastic or anything under the mulch? Because I didn't but I haven't plant nothing there yet.

    And I just had a tree cut down and the stump removal, they bump the stump so that's what I am using for mulch.

    I want to know what can of hege I can use right in front of the house coming into the house because I have a window that is low at the from of the house.
    I don't want anything that is going grow to tall because of the window and I get a lot of sun there. Please respond it will be appreciated because I need HELP.

  • terry7893 1 year ago

    This looked very professional until the end, when the area looked bare. I was hoping to see how the pros make the areas look so full and rich.

  • waakk1 1 year ago

    so we plant over the plastic? we don't take it out when the grass or weeds die?

  • Michelle Weekly 1 year ago

    after she made her garden, do you suppose to remove the hose??

  • Marla Summers 1 year ago

    Whats the plastic for again?  The ground is not dug up?  Or is that plastic just used for outlining?  This video is not thorough

  • Shareen Ganigan 1 year ago

    so you put down the plastic right over your grass?

  • Guhagar 1 year ago

    what is that red chips ?

  • Okegbu Stanley 1 year ago

    please I bought for flower seeds from Malaysia, I need to If all these beautiful flowers I bought can do well in Nigeria soil. And how best can I plant these seeds. Please one assist me.

  • Videogameguy909 1 year ago


  • Lasantha Gpv 1 year ago

    hey ,if anyone else needs to find out about aquaponics diy try Tarbetti Amazing Aquaponics Tutor ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  • bianca williams 1 year ago
  • Joseph Coleman 1 year ago

    Next video: How to kill crabgrass!

  • ADN Construction 1 year ago

    Great for beginners wanting to make their garden look a little more colorful

  • mimori suzuko 1 year ago

    Arigato gosaimashta berry helpful

  • arun jeevanand 1 year ago

    Shouldn't i remove the sod and then put the tarp, compost etc..?

  • rashad smith 1 year ago

    awesome!  Thank you!

  • Pui Han Ang 1 year ago

    Use newspaper and/or cardboard instead of plastic. Those two work excellent in preventing weed from growing under the bed. Most importantly it's a lot more environment friendly.

  • belazela 1 year ago

    Looks messy

  • mehmood ulhasnain 1 year ago


  • SandraMaraCarvalhode Melo 1 year ago


  • Brother Ziti Al Forno 1 year ago

    Butchart is much nicer than Dubai Miracle Garden and Keukenhof garden. MUCH NICER.

  • ainy canopin 1 year ago

    very nice garden in Canada and so beautiful flowers

  • Jonathan L 1 year ago

    c'est a couper le souffle, magnifique!. J'yrais y lire un bon livre.

  • MrCrainge 1 year ago

    Parents took me here when I was 7, and I never forgot about it.  Now at 36 It's time to revisit.  What an amazing experience I look forward to.

  • Carol Carter 1 year ago

    Truly a Little Piece of Heaven here on Earth! If you like flowers this is a magical place you simply must visit. Do plan a whole day to really enjoy each realm of this Special Garden. The vastness simply can't be felt on video! This is such a never ending journey of beauty, peace and tranquillity. These Gardeners have an amazing vision that is ongoing with each season. Book a trip and enjoy this Magical Destination! By CJ Carter

  • Bharat Patwala 1 year ago


  • Maria Teresa Alvarez Lopez 1 year ago

    melo.podéis poner en Español??
    por favor. gracias.

  • Fernando Aizpurua, Prada 1 year ago


  • Yanci Sanchez (nica) 1 year ago

    Es el jardín más hermoso es un paraíso 

  • Hanka3601 1 year ago


  • Ancelme Rosario Vigilio 1 year ago

    Rosario Rosario vigilio

  • Ancelme Rosario Vigilio 1 year ago

    Rosario Rosario vigilio

  • Ancelme Rosario Vigilio 1 year ago

    que hermoso es la naturalesa

  • Ancelme Rosario Vigilio 1 year ago

    que hermoso es la naturalesa

  • Joshua Mathai 1 year ago

    Excellent marvelous beautiful

  • Agatha Rajamani 1 year ago

    mesmerizing beauty of the most beautiful garden in Canada thank you for the video

  • Chelsea Brown 1 year ago

    Has anyone went to this place before? This is a one of beautiful places on earth.

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