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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Follow the process of starting a vegetable garden and orchard through an entire growing season. First episode of the Let’s Get Growing segment. From the Southwest Yard & Garden Series.

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  • MyLadyAlexis0958 7 years ago

    Don’t gardeners use a rototiller to prepare the vegtable garden area for planting a garden. I? would think it would go along alot faster.

  • kevreilly7 7 years ago

    2:23 SMALL????—They? look dead

  • edstar83 7 years ago

    monsanto? must burn in hell!

  • ahg1177 7 years ago

    i think i just watch a real life king of the hill with hank being asked to make a video on gardening?

  • Garth Wilson 7 years ago

    Round Up? Really…? Shame on you.

  • gardenguidebook 7 years ago

    Wonderful video, thank you? for uploading. 🙂

  • 0rganicSolutions 7 years ago

    I stopped watching this video when the guy said Round Up. Monsanto and their products are manure in my book.?

  • powerspade 7 years ago

    Jan has horses wow thats rocket fuel for vegetable gardening for not only does it help to hold moisture? in the soil but also feeds it

  • jihadacadien 7 years ago

    Keeping the weeds off the tree’s trunk really works. it sucks water out and even can “strangle” your tree and makes it grow slower. I take the grass out? and add mulch around my trees, even the big ones and it does make a difference!