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  • Life Inside A Box 1 year ago

    Jake and Shamus' video on how to plant a fruit tree, check it out!

  • merlekay 1 year ago


  • Shae Clark 1 year ago

    You guys are so awesome!! Love it!!

  • Deborah Maldonado 1 year ago

    What are your winter conditions like there?

  • I Velasco 1 year ago

    Holy shit its Doc Holiday

  • Kirk Davis 1 year ago

    Great stuff. I just bought a place in Hereford and am looking at putting in fruit trees to be watered via grey water. This was helpful. Suggestion if you haven't already heard this already – windsock on your mic will help on the wind noise. Enjoy your vids plz keep posting.

  • R.U.Serious EP 1 year ago

    On the Avocado tree, wouldn't it be best to have two trees to allow for cross-pollination?


    my type of garden videos you might not like

  • Donna G 1 year ago

    Great job. What is the large rectangle thing at the start of your aerial? In the drone film at the end. It's a fair way from the house and looks quite large.

  • Donna G 1 year ago

    The music at the start is awful. Not nice listening and distracting from watching you.

  • miguel maldonado 1 year ago

    I really tried to watch this video but that music just killed it for me. annoying as heck!

  • Squirrelly Shirley 1 year ago

    I really love seeing you two gardening. Can be so fun and so rewarding. Everything looks beautiful!

  • Steven James 1 year ago

    For I don't like the idea of chemicals from the soap and washer like bleach. Just don't seem to be healthy for the fruit trees.

  • MisterSir 1 year ago

    why wasnt the first tree centred? you installed it in the corner..

  • StarFlower99654 1 year ago

    Those gorilla carts are great. I love mine.

  • David Bacon 1 year ago

    been so riveted to your series that i never got around to clicking ANY 'Thumbs Up'/'Like' buttons!….. i saw a YouTube site where this company makes 60-inch diameter pvc tubes! dig down 5-ft. and drop in a pipe and re-bury! that's big enuf for any 'homeless' guest to sleep in &/or stash their food, water, and backpack gear! even hide a bicycle and trailer-cart!!! it could be on the far end of your 40 acres for that wilderness experience and still be able to walk over for showers and a hot meal! have a sign down there reminding guests: WILL WORK FOR LODGING & MEALS (LOL)…… this pvc pipe may be WAY too expensive and a cooking fire in this tube could be deadly, but the underground 'bnb' concept is sound/(stone/wood?)!….. good luck with your interesting project!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  • StarFlower99654 1 year ago

    I like your stone berms. Here, the weeds would overgrow them in weeks. LOL. Thats a bit more work than I care for.

  • Pamela M 1 year ago

    it looks really nice, it's to bad those big black pipes have to hang out like that or are you going to hide those in some way

  • Fannie Jett 1 year ago

    It looks wonderful what are they do are they full trees or are they dwarf trees?

  • Fannie Jett 1 year ago

    Hi I am a fan and I watch you all the time but I have to ask all of this nice equipment used for your space is it yours or do you rent it?

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