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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] Gathered some wild green onions, took out a javelina (aka peccary or góchiʼ) Video Rating: / 5


  • adam lopez 2 years ago

    Where at in Arizona was this?

  • Dong Woo KO 2 years ago

    Enviable environment / condition
    In Korea using animal hunting bow = virtually impossible
    Guns and dog-hunting hunters are extremely lucrative> manipulation of the law … for a small number of interests, convenience, fun
    Legal limits of bow and arrow
    Larger Animals – Unconditional Illegal 🙁
    Crucial disadvantage – very few animals can hunt. Number / Type

  • overload889 2 years ago

    How does javalina taste? I just saw a few (and learned they exist) a few days ago while me and my son were out on a hike. I thought they were small razorbacks at first.

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