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  • Arekkz Gaming 2 months ago

    Some new events have been added that aren't covered in the video: Low Gravity, reveal & infinite ammo!

  • Bobby Hiatt 2 months ago

    started downloading the game and watching this video…stopped the download before the 3 minute mark…..i cant believe you guys play this trash

  • Cynix 2 months ago

    Nice I’m installing it and gonna play it on Monday it’s looks fun and I’m on Xbox
    And thx for the tips

  • Geeth Sal 2 months ago

    Can i check my ping in game?

  • MsKitcloudkicker 2 months ago

    Basically, battle royal in Mirror’s edge

  • Manuel Antunez 2 months ago

    This is the perfect game to get big

  • ccosa shawn 2 months ago

    I'm here before this game becomes popular

  • Bezicks 2 months ago

    this is by far the sweatiest game i’ve ever played

  • daniel Aj 2 months ago

    Wow .. this is pretty neat

  • Czee _0 2 months ago

    So everyone playing hyperscape is hacking?

  • karthikeya karthikeya 2 months ago

    Can anyone tell me how to tell me how to pull out the melee pls

  • HyperSn1pedツ 2 months ago

    the thing i don't like is that everyone is like a juggernaut

  • Dana Bragg 2 months ago

    calling it right now, the skybreaker will get a huge nerf haha

  • ZenoKo 2 months ago

    This is so nostalgic I used to love ur videos about monster hunter gen, mad to think that as 4 years ago

  • GOAL 360 2 months ago


  • jac0b_ 001_ 2 months ago

    Its the worst

  • Jasper Pearcey 2 months ago

    I always either get shot as soon as I land without getting a chance to get a weapon or I just camp out on the roofs the whole game and get sniped

  • FatalDragon69 2 months ago

    Looks pretty cool and definitely different, might be a nice change from the usual BR Games…..Is it possible to play this Solo, same as we can in PUBG or is it just a Team Game !?!?

    Cheers for the info vid !!

  • KazamaBloodlinegamer 2 months ago

    Thank you you helped me got more better i won 4 times you are the best man

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