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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Ok Guys I didn’t take the AZ Heat seriously and it almost cost me my garden. It started off so well but I think I was able to save it. f you want to help support Team Benson and our Journey to build our forever Homestead check out our Amazon Wish List Check Out our Social Pages FB-@TheRealTeamBenson FB-@TeamBenson Wines IG: @TeamBenson Email: If you want to send us something we love seeds!!! 2320 E Baseline Rd Suite 148-277 Phoenix, AZ 85042 #SmallSpaceGarden #AZGardening #SummerGarden


  • It's Just Me Tom C 2 weeks ago

    I am SO glad I found your channel and YES I am having the same experience with the heat this year here in Mesa. Shalom Tom

  • Rhonda McK 2 weeks ago

    Your harvest is beautiful! How do you raise soil levels? It doesn't need to be pretty when you're trying to eat. LOL. I mean I appreciate a pretty garden, but I don't have one.

  • Madge The Gardener 2 weeks ago

    I love you and your videos. Awesome garden.

  • Sara Fatyukhin 2 weeks ago

    Look at your beets!! You should be very proud of those! I can’t believe how hot it got so quick. We’ve finally hit the 60’s and soon the 70’s…but the ground is still ice 3” under the soil. I keep trying to dig and prepare the garden. I was able to plant out 5 rhubarb plants yesterday but rhubarb is like a weed here. It’ll grow even if my toddler steps on it. So fingers crossed! I’m loving watching how you garden in such heat because I have the complete opposite and am gardening in extreme cold. It’s almost too easy for other people in perfect garden zones! Hahaha- we are tested in fire and ice.

  • The Oprah of Leveling Up 2 weeks ago

    Glad everything worked out

  • Tambra Dugger 2 weeks ago

    Beautiful basket of veggies lady ❤

  • Toyskram 2 weeks ago

    Your beets look great. The first time I grew beets they were tiny.

  • Bake A Leg And Let's Dig It Homestead 2 weeks ago

    So glad I found your channel it's amazing. We women can handle alot 99 percent of the time . I am not having luck growing beets congratulations girlfriend

  • Lesa Wilson 2 weeks ago

    Hi Tiffany!  I love watching you and have been binge watching your episodes for the last couple of days. You have inspired me so much! I recently moved to Glendale but grew up in Tucson so I am no stranger to this HEAT! I started growing tomatoes in an Aero Garden and suddenly the lights stopped working! So, I replanted my tomatoes into red solo cups and was searching You Tube to figure out what to do with them next and that is how I stumbled on to your channel. I have learned so much and still have so many questions! Do you have any videos on how you grow starters inside your house?

  • bug_mine 2 weeks ago

    My tomatoes won't turn red . They have been green forever. What is going on??

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