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Hey, folks. Today Anna want to share with you her story how she earned her first fortune in 16, selling her mother’s cacti. “I was born in a wealthy family. My dad had his own business, so we were never short of money. We lived in a big beautiful house. My mom could spend her whole time with me. She also had a hobby. My dad built for my mom a gorgeous greenhouse right in our mansion. She grew different kinds of cacti and flowers there. Anyway, we lived happily together. I was doing kids stuff. I visited various classes and courses. I had everything I wanted. Of course, things were not always okie-dokey, as sometimes my dad had very tough business affairs. Some guys threatened our family several times. They even tried to kidnap me, but luckily nothing terrible had happened. Until I was 16. My mother, who had never worked a day in her life, started to look for a job. She had a degree in Economics, but she had no experience. So she could only become a cashier in a supermarket. We were not just short of money…. we couldn’t make both ends meet. We spent our last money savings to organise my dad’s funeral. The only option for us not to starve was to sell the house. We could not afford to keep a three-storey mansion. It took almost all my mother’s salary. But my mother didn’t want to lose her greenhouse. She spent all her free time with the flowers, as if it could somehow help us to survive. I inherited my dad’s character so I wanted some action instead of coddling with the plants. My mother didn’t notice the loss of some cacti at first, but as my business was expanding, she began to […]


  • honglay dy 3 months ago

    I want To Know What The Website Name Is I want To Buy Some Cacti Too

  • its joke 3 months ago

    So you stole your mums flowers and sold them

  • Bk Gaming 3 months ago

    i think that selling flowers is a cool business

  • Bk Gaming 3 months ago


    girl:I just do normal kid stuff

    me:well for a being a kid myself im surprised that apparently KID STUFF is lifelessly writing on your completely boarded off desk

  • Tabatha Staples 3 months ago

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  • Emily Mullin 3 months ago

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  • Henrygaming PH 3 months ago

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  • JANICE LUVIAN 3 months ago


  • Japanese Hornet 3 months ago

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  • Addi Mama 3 months ago

    Omg please please get rid of the female narrator of these stories she’s terrible she sounds like a robot

  • Katie Alivia 3 months ago

    Even tho that was wrong itleast your mom can grow flowers any time!

  • Edison's animation TV 2 3 months ago

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  • qwer qwer 3 months ago

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  • Sylling Boy 3 months ago

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    In my country its impossible to get murdered and 99% are good people.
    On my school its only 1 bullier and he is from america.

  • Maria Mosoiu 3 months ago

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