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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Subscribe for more DIY’s!: I’m bringing Southwestern Arizona desert vibes to my own backyard in a total patio makeover! Plants For Less made it so easy by dropping off everything I needed to make this makeover happen right to my door, including all of the patio stones, plants, and rocks. I am by no means a landscaping expert but I used my DIY skills to build a custom fire pit tabletop, hang some stunning string lights and build the backyard of my dreams. Big thanks for Article for gifting me the Natural Trella Wicker Sofa set and Tana Teak Stools that truly took this makeover to the next level! Article ships almost anywhere in the USA and Canada for a flat-rate of . Free shipping on orders above 9. Article Trella sofa set: Article Tana stools: Check out Plants For Less: Kelly’s tabletop DIY: Becky’s porch makeover: Hacking craft kits: Becky’s updated bedroom makeover: Loft Vibes ft. Article furniture: Making over Kelsey’s sister’s living room (Style Selected): Fire pit: String lights (similar): __________________________________ OTHER PLATFORMS @thesorrygirls everywhere! BLOG // INSTAGRAM // PODCAST // FACEBOOK // PINTEREST // TWITTER // TIKTOK // KELSEY’S INSTA // BECKY’S INSTA // click to never miss a DIY: __________________________________ DIY & LIFESTYLE CHANNEL // VLOG & Q&A // __________________________________ OUR FILMING EQUIPMENT MAIN CAMERA // MEMORY CARD // FILMING LENS // 24-105mm – CAMERA + LENS ADAPTER // PHOTOGRAPHY CAMERA // PHOTOGRAPHY LENS // 35mm – ON-CAMERA MIC // AUDIO RECORDER // LAV MICS // x2 __________________________________ Edited by: Nick Liske Not sponsored yo. Product […]


  • tiana t 2 weeks ago

    if you’re reading this, it’s a sign that you should subscribe to the sorry girls!!! it’s been 10 YEARS and they’re so close to 2 million! they’ve been at 1.95 M for the past several months, so YOU can help push them that much further!! (also you won’t regret subbing, their content is rlly good)

  • A Lana 2 weeks ago

    I can’t stop laughing

  • 2020 Saw all our cool plans and then went…haha jokes on you.

  • Alyssa Cross 2 weeks ago

    oooooo you should add some burnt orange accents. It will add a very Arizona desert vibe.

  • Melissa Esposito 2 weeks ago

    Here for all Cynthia references, no matter how fleeting.

  • DENICE LOVES 2 weeks ago

    How much did you spend on the materials minus the furniture

  • Ayalla Tsedek 2 weeks ago

    i love this vis so much that i made one myself!!
    tell me what you think/

  • abhi Jain 2 weeks ago


  • Narjie La Mangue 2 weeks ago

    As a person from Johannesburg(rsa) i snorted at her "rainstorm" comment

  • Lola Cole 2 weeks ago

    Wheel barrel.

  • Sarah Girard 2 weeks ago

    Wow, great a job! That was very beautifully done! Loved how the furniture pulled everything together.

  • Serena McArter 2 weeks ago

    You girls are my new favourite thing!!! Better than HGTV.

  • Becky, hope you can make it to Arizona in the near future. Be sure to make your way through Sedona, Tombstone, Jerome, and Bisbee. These are all small artist towns that are so worth seeing.

  • jovanna krukow 2 weeks ago

    Needs more cactus! Arizona is basically just rocks and cactus lol

  • Becoming El Duende 2 weeks ago

    oooh I think I'll make a table top for my firepit now

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