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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Baddy 3shoez takes the cactus munch to the next level by soaking it in liquor and lighting it on fire. Presenting the Flaming Cactus Challenge. Music is property of Ennio Morricone. I do not claim rights to it. Do not try this at home. twitter: @baddy3shoez Video Rating: / 5


  • ElectricRainbowFrog 4 years ago

    That poor cactus didn't deserve this shit

  • Sathish Kumar 4 years ago

    so stupid till u got 34k views dude trying to be famous huh..why dont u jump from bridge

  • RJ Xoxo 4 years ago


  • Riddec1 4 years ago

    Look forward to seeing your name and face on the Darwin Awards soon. Please don't reproduce

  • adsffdaaf 4 years ago

    I like that you are rocking that retired dude now alcoholic tucked in Hawaiian t shirt look.

  • Héctor Marcelo Mora 4 years ago

    Soundtrack: The Ecstacy of Gold – Ennio Morricone.

  • Liam Ward 4 years ago

    i was impressed and thought you were a hero to men, untill i realised you were drinking pussy sized beers

  • Jessica Diaz 4 years ago

    moments later in the bathroom, you know, poor ass, lol

  • john Sullivan 4 years ago

    please tell me there is a trick to this, eating a cactus seems painful enough for most to stop not including the poison in most cactus

  • Misael Macías 4 years ago

    Natural Selection at it's best

  • LazarheaD 4 years ago

    Crazy fucker!

  • Yuri Muniz 4 years ago

    We are not so different you and I.

    You are eating a flaming cactus, and I will be trying the hardest test for an engineer tomorrow, a lot of people think I'm wasting my time trying this, some classmates even think I'm an idiot for wasting money with this travel, trying to be selected for this masters degree in engineering.

    We are the people who try to break our limits. That's how human race evolves.

  • Nonya Biz 4 years ago

    Try chasing it with draino next time. You're an embarrassment to my Alma Mater.

  • Mile Bogdan 4 years ago

    Ole Smoky's 128 Proof Blue Flame Moonshine. Great choice!

  • Bilel EL herissi 4 years ago

    stupid ass motherfucker .

  • PETEY EFFOHH 4 years ago

    You're a fucking MORON and your friends hate your dumb ass and want you to die…

  • Forrest Parton 4 years ago

    I… I… Why? I… Just please don't procreate. Cheers!

  • Pericles Pinto 4 years ago

    I'm wondering if a cactus punctured stomach incident might be covered by Obamacare…

  • Pericles Pinto 4 years ago

    I'd be amazed if the cactus was embedded with battery acid… Cactus with moonshine, that's kid's stuff!!!

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