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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Illustrator Tutorial – Desert Landscape Flat Design (Illustrator Flat Design Tutorial) Thanks for watching! SUBSCRIBE for more design videos! In this Adobe Illustrator tutorial, I show how to create a desert landscape in the style of flat design! This illustrator flat design tutorial contains a fair amount of detail but nothing over complicated, which makes it suitable for all levels of graphic designers. This desert flat landscape is designed with the idea of a sunset providing a silhouette shadow on objects in the desert. As always, if you enjoyed or learned something from this illustrator flat design tutorial be sure to leave a like as it really does help me out a lot! Illustrator Tutorial – Windmill City Landscape Flat Design (Illustrator Flat Design Tutorial) Illustrator Tutorial – Boat and Ocean Flat Design (Illustrator Flat Design Tutorial) For business inquiries: Music: illustrator | illustrator tutorial | illustrator flat design | how to make a flat design | illustrator desert sunset landscape | illustrator tutorial for beginners | illustrator desert landscape tutorial | illustrator landscape flat design tutorial | illustrator flat design desert | flat design | flat design for beginners | illustrator flat landscape Video Rating: / 5


  • GAURAV CHANDRAKAR 1 year ago

    Awesome…can you tell me where do you take your inspiration from and how you come up with color scheme?
    Thank you

  • anjani singh 1 year ago

    From where to get those color boxes which is on the left side of art board please reply

  • Vlad Leon 1 year ago


  • Mr Christer Design 1 year ago

    I like the way you did the cactus! I have been annoyed whenever I try to move a square and it rounds it haha, but I see how it can be practical now! Thanks!

  • Prashanth BTG 1 year ago

    What happened at 1:30 to 1:34 can someone please tell me?

  • Pui Han Ang 1 year ago

    Can you explain the step at 1:11 and 1:36? The click to change color. Thanks.

  • ianman6 1 year ago

    Newbie here. How do you make those colour pallets on the side? Is that a normal illustrator tool? Thanks and great stuff!

  • Artur JB Costa 1 year ago

    Awesome, very nice 🙂 Thumbs up!

  • Sayyed Khalil MousaviRad 1 year ago


  • Med Designs 1 year ago

    Best Video <3 <3 Good Luck

  • colwod 1 year ago

    enjoy your vidio(>^ω^<)

  • siddharth shekar 1 year ago

    can you also show morning, afternoon, evening and night time for the same scene … for game environement art? Thanks.

  • Iroh Design 1 year ago

    First!!!!!!! and thanks for 5k subs 🙂

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