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  • peaches the awesome 4 years ago

    There danger you guys are stupid bye doing this srsly and ow I never jump in a cactus bush

  • Daniel Fresl 4 years ago


  • arafat sm 4 years ago

    don't try this at home

  • Suzanne Dallaire 4 years ago

    Jarpi won

  • James Plant 4 years ago

    thats a dumb idea

  • Izaiah Minor 4 years ago

    God cep it pg no blood please

  • rosalyn quintana 4 years ago

    brave guys

  • Kamren Cooper 4 years ago

    hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp hp

  • Martha rico 4 years ago


  • BONUS DUCKS 4 years ago

    As a cactus lover, this offends me… At least they admit its a bad idea xD

  • alicat vlogs 4 years ago

    Tucson, Az all the way! ! ! ! ! !

  • AlwaysBurntOut 4 years ago

    "I put rubber on"
    "You never use rubber!"

  • Lauren Curvan 4 years ago

    Am I the only one here who watched this and CRINGED SO FREAKING HARD?!?! When I first starting watching this channel I said THIS CANT BE ACTUALLY REAL!!! BUT IT WAS #Cringefest2016

  • sapiopneumoni 4 years ago

    plant cruelty reported

  • Tanner Braungardt 4 years ago


  • Noah Lambdin 4 years ago

    You both are so stupid

  • Manuel Valle 4 years ago

    subscribe to me plz

  • Keelan Ariss 4 years ago

    haha you never use rubber <(")

  • niezam zubir 4 years ago

    that is pianful you guys

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