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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote This video covers some of my favorite plants and some that are not so much. Please like, share, and subscribe for more videos. I will be leaving for the Seattle area on Wednesday. I will be back the following Tuesday. More videos coming very soon! Video Rating: / 5


  • flatearthrandy 10 months ago

    hey bro ,im an okie too , been in az long time now

  • Dustin Bess 10 months ago

    where in Az are you?

  • Primitive Lifeways 10 months ago

    Superb video! I shared it.

  • Coltbreath 10 months ago

    Are these only located up near Mayer/Prescott region of AZ. I'm a Mesa guy and the areas I roam are around the Superstitions and Florence Junction area. I'm sure the elevation does make a difference in availability of these plant resources. Especially that Miners lettuce

  • MTwoodsrunner 10 months ago

    very good John…thanks for taking the time..woods

  • Eat Carbs Outdoors 10 months ago

    Very cool. Learning more about plants is something I haven't had a chance to get into yet.
    Do you recommend any books?
    Also.. I am close to the Seattle area if you have time for a meet and greet.
    Thanks for the video

  • saradreaming 10 months ago

    Until now, I wouldn't have thought miner's lettuce and cleavers grew in Arizona. Awesome vid! Thanks for the info and have fun up north. 🙂

  • el dork pistolero 10 months ago

    I wonder if that miners lettuce I wonder if it's here in Alabama

  • el dork pistolero 10 months ago

    that lettuce looks good I'm hungry now lol I'd eat a few pounds of it with fish and salad dressing

  • el dork pistolero 10 months ago

    nature's lemonade is always good

  • IRA REPUBLICAN 10 months ago

    You did not "like" the plant that you threw but it was good tasting.but not according to you.

    Your book Survival in the ……..etc. was really all about you surviving and was not personally made for more people. It was ALL about what YOU wanted or what worked for YOU. Never did you mention what could possibly be likeable for others but not for you.

    We have been involved in Survival for 20 years and from Arizona born and raised.
    We have been to Alaska and many other states to spend awhile to find and try new things.

    You really should show others who are new and trying to learn about what to eat and not throw it saying you do not like it.Others may you should have a tiny bit of care and tell others WHY you might not ilke it and maybe they would.

  • Darignobullseye 10 months ago

    Great video! Thank you for the introduction of edible plants. At least showing what they look like instead of just eating them. 🙂

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