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  • ravkoy 4 years ago

    It is very impressive scene of the healthy mango trees in harsh environment like phoenix to me as a person who hailed from South Indian state with mango orchards of different varieties.

  • Styx62 Ga 4 years ago

    Very impressive I want so bad to do something similar here in middle Georgia on my one acre lot need to get rid of all the pines and sweet gums first

  • Wippe Ⓥ 4 years ago


  • SergoIsko 4 years ago

    I want to see the women!

  • Breaking good 4 years ago

    i love mangoes

  • Viviana Maximo 4 years ago

    I love tree's congratulation. wonderful job!

  • Bond Summers 4 years ago

    What was the original variety mango she planted the seed of?

  • Bond Summers 4 years ago

    How's the eating quality of the mangos at this lady's place?
    If they're good, I want seeds,…. though I live in San Diego near the ocean.

  • Bond Summers 4 years ago

    The mango breeder in Ventura, in his backyard his mangos are a jumble, close together, growing into each other, and doing fair enough.

  • Bond Summers 4 years ago

    You guys definitely have the showbiz talent about you. You present very well.

  • Sara Kelly Stewart 4 years ago

    Amazing. I lover her trees. But what about those roses? Please show us her rose garden. That lady has amazing hands. Thank you so much for this video.

  • wicklandtube 4 years ago

    This is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen. What a magical yard! So inspirational! We are in Tempe!

  • notboundtosilence 4 years ago

    Over and over people say you cannot grow a tree from seed, and if you do it will not produce good fruit. Hmmmm….. I love it when people do things that "can't" be done. All of this wonderful fruit being grown in Phoenix is very encouraging. I live in Texas, in an area considered to be sub tropics. I keep being told I cannot grow these things. Perhaps I should try. Although, it does get a bit colder here in winter get down to 17 on a rare occasion, but not often. I know after your last two videos I watched I am buying a fig tree and a jujube tree. Cannot wait!! I hope they produce fruit soon. 🙂 Thank you for the videos.

  • If i went running in Arizona I'd have a HEAT stroke within One BLOCK !! lol

  • TheCChrist777 CC 4 years ago

    So I am a Mango addict, and I currently cut open the mango seed shell and I put the seeds wrapped in a damp paper towel in a bag, I put them in the sun for a couple hours. When they do sprout and plant them, will I have to breed the flowers with each other to produce fruit?

  • Paul Newland 4 years ago


  • nuzhat nada 4 years ago

    Thanks you for sharing such a phenomenal heart touching story of the Mango tree and emphasizing the beauty of gardening, which is definitely divine! She definitely created a heavenly orchard out of love and compassion! Reminds me of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam…

  • Shaun Willis 4 years ago

    love these videos!!

  • Rexel King 4 years ago

    I am speechless!!!amazing!

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