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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this Inkscape tutorial, I show you how to design a vector desert landscape design in the flat style. Though the design looks intricate/complicated at first glance, it is actually beginner friendly and requires just a few common tools. I’ll be creating this composition, which can be used as a background or as your main design for something like a poster or flyer, using a combination of the bezier curves tool, rectangle tool, circle tool, and color swatches. Visit our website for more text and video tutorials: Tutorials Enroll in Our GIMP Photo Editing Course: Thanks to our Diamond Level Patrons who support us on Patreon! Ken Brewer Dilli Contradiction Thanks to our Gold Level Patrons who support us on Patreon! BashMurals commodore256 Jamie Fraser Thanks to our Silver Level Patrons who support us on Patreon! Stephanie Paynter Thanks to our Bronze Level Patrons who support us on Patreon! Matt Bryan Support our channel and help us grow by becoming a Patron today – and get cool rewards in return: Read any of my Inkscape Help Articles here: Inkscape Help Articles Make your Inkscape Canvas look like Illustrator’s Artboard: How to Make Your Inkscape Canvas Look Like Adobe Illustrator’s Artboard See how you can help out the Inkscape team: Download the latest version of Inkscape: Export SVG to PNG in Inkscape: Export SVG to PNG in Inkscape Facebook: Twitter: @DaviesMediaDes Instagram: @DaviesMediaDesign #VectorDesign #VectorLandscape #FlatDesign Video Rating: / 5


  • Jay Jay 2 weeks ago

    Where did you make this intro??

  • HashMax Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Στελλα Αθανασιαδου 2 weeks ago

    Dude that was SO helpful thank you so much!!

  • Tellurian 2 weeks ago

    What mouse do you use? Is it comfortable?

  • Shadowy Arts 2 weeks ago

    You make good tutorials just saying

  • Btown Inshort 2 weeks ago

    my inkscape tools menu not like you i am not seeing any menu of mode after choosing node marker

  • Shapeless 2 weeks ago

    My ears started bleeding when I heard your intro…

  • Muhammad Fathi 2 weeks ago

    how to print out to png?

  • Artur JB Costa 2 weeks ago

    Like and Fav.

  • 삼마패신암행어사 2 weeks ago

    Wait… how do you then get rid of all the parts that go outside the border?

  • 삼마패신암행어사 2 weeks ago

    Thank you. I learned a lot of useful things.

  • Khadija Tul Kubra 2 weeks ago

    can someone explain how he changed the background to drak behind the page?

  • MaximusPayne 2 weeks ago

    What is the difference between Inkscape and GIMP?
    They both do pretty much the same thing, but I'm wondering what each one should be used for.

  • Jay P 2 weeks ago

    Great video Michael!

  • Robbi Supriadi 2 weeks ago

    permission to save this video

  • Kathryn Brooks 2 weeks ago

    Great tutorial! Two questions for you. Instead of recreating the arms on the first cactus, could you have duplicated the first arm after you grouped it, or was there a reason to start from scratch for each arm? Next question…after the drawing is complete, how to you get rid of all the stuff that is on the outside of the frame? Thanks!

  • Ian Eastland 2 weeks ago

    Thank you so much!! I've always wanted to get into graphic design in some way and this tutorial was just what I needed. I'm wondering…. Can you apply physics to an Inkscape project? I decided to work on creating shadows and its becoming a PAIN to go through each cacti, shrub, mountain and adding these shadows in a way that makes sense with the suns direction.

  • Smile Box 2 weeks ago

    hi loved the tutorial and i learned a lot but im having a big issue when exporting my design and things outside of the border are still visible im exporting in png

  • Reslyna Channel 2 weeks ago

    sir, can i ask u something? when I cut the object with control X dan change in layer middle and paste with control V, the image or the cactus have background white? it's no same like u show. Can u tell me, where is my mistake? btw I'm sorry before, if my english is bad.

  • Lala Land 2 weeks ago

    cool. thank you for the totorial..

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