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  • Julia Rottapel 4 years ago

    this looks amazing! This video has gotten me so anxious to see the performance! I love the National Ballet!!!

  • johnmcboston 4 years ago

    Was amazing when they performed it in boston!!!

  • Cheezy Dorito 4 years ago


  • PizzaPete1958 4 years ago

    I get a Permission Denied when I try to extract the tgz file. I suspect I don't have write permission in the /usr/share/cacti/site/plugins$ directory.

  • Aaron Mundy 4 years ago

    Hey Sean you think you can make a couple Flex Raid-f videos. One thing is noticed is there is little no videos on this. I have a couple links one from Linustechtips and another from Assassinhtpc. If you would like those links to research. I wouldn't mind sending them your way. You can even cut up the videos by steps if you want.

  • PizzaPete1958 4 years ago

    Hi Sean, excellent video! Thanks very much. I hope to see more videos on Cacti, like how to monitor Windows events.

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