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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote In this video I give you some thoughts on whether or not tall fescue might be the best cool season grass type. There are pros and cons to this grass type but with my kentucky bluegrass going dormant I have noticed the tall fescue is still looking good, and even with very minimal water. Fall Lawn Renovation 2017 Playlist – Learn something from this video and want to help support me directly? Join Our Community – My Merch Store – Paypal – My Podcast – My Affiliate Links – I receive a small commission when you purchase products through these links below. Purchasing through these links helps to support me directly at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for helping me to continue to live out my dreams by making these videos! ~~Products and Equipment I use in my lawn can be found here ~~ ~~Great Place to Purchase Lawn Products – ~~ ~~Swardman Reel Mower – Use the Promo Code “ryanknorr” ~~ ~~Sprayer I use – Sprayers Plus 105Ex – Get free shipping with code GOELECTRIC ~~ ~~Kujo Yard Shoes Promo Code – Save 10% on a pair of shoes ~~ ~~Notice my MN sports hats/sweatshirts? Grab your favorite team gear here – ~~ –Find me on Social Media– Tweets by ryanknorr (My Music, Vlogs, etc) Want to learn how I became a lawn care youtuber? – Learn how to renovate your lawn from start to finish – Video Rating: / 5


  • KBG is hands down the best looking cool-season grass, but it's also the most maintenance intensive. TTTF is much easier going and will look really nice almost all of the time it just doesn't get that same blue hue that KBG gets. Perennial Rye is another good alternative that is thinner bladed but is more hearty than KBG.

  • BNSF Matt w 5 months ago

    5:43 looks awesome–got grass stains on my brand new WHITE JE ANS just watching your vid!

  • tonak1 5 months ago

    Tall fescue should be banned. I unknowingly added tall fescue from a bag of grass seed for patching my yard and I am now digging it all up, it's a terrible lawn grass.

  • Random Acts of Video 5 months ago

    RTF is the best fescue to use.

  • Eric Molitor 5 months ago

    I am.pretty sure I have a mix of fescue and KB. I have large clumps of fescue and as long as I keep everything cut low it looks good driving by but if you stop and look it shows.

  • My Fescu holds up well. One of the best looking grasses on the Block with different varieties. Just dont like the clumps and does need to be reseeded. But it works well for beginners and unskilled.

  • John Doe 5 months ago

    Fescue yard as you mentioned does not spread. Bermuda fills it in. This fall I think I am going to rip up a small section of the yard to try growing Bluegrass. I would rather try getting the bluegrass to spread and fill in rather than Bermuda. I am in the transitional zone and we will see if it takes or dies. It seems like with fescue you continually have to replant certain areas each fall from the summer heat. My lawn is not irrigated but looks as good if not better than the ones Truegreen is spraying in the neighborhood.

  • Yellow Cat 5 months ago

    Tall fescue is also highly resistant to grub.

  • John Doe 5 months ago

    Just curious have you tried planting any of scotts heat resistant/tolerant blue grass? May be answered in another video, but just found this one.

  • Richie Schmidt 5 months ago

    I don't know much about lawn care, but I know my yard has SO MANY clumps of Tall Fescue, which I had mistaken to be crabgrass. These clumps are ugly, they stand out, and they make the yard uneven to the point where I could roll an ankle. I would love a flat, deep green yard someday.

  • Jew Hunter 5 months ago

    Why didn’t you um – water your lawn in July

  • John Bynum 5 months ago

    Try fine fescue- it has a more narrow blade.

  • paco ramon 5 months ago

    Venosaur is the best grass type.

  • Speedy Greene 5 months ago


  • cretene1 5 months ago

    just had a thought . i live in ireland would kbg do well here?more rain .have fescue atm .obviously , would love to try kbg, any thoughts?

  • gottiblues 5 months ago

    Tall fescue reminds me of crabgrass. That’s why I hate it.

  • MrAirtaz 5 months ago

    You cut at 1.25"? You're in Iowa.

  • Hightops99 5 months ago

    Tall Fescue is a weed in my KBG. Accidentally introduced it a couple years ago. It can be killed by using Monsanto's Certainty. Kills the Tall Fescue but not the KBG.

  • RMudder 5 months ago

    I have fescue in the front and it take a lot of love to keep it full and lush. Heat and drought in Tennessee can really take its toll on the grass. Doesn’t take as much water as KBG, but still needs a morning sprinkle and some milorganite to be deep green year round. My backyard is another story. Haven’t reclaimed that space yet from the previous home owner.

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