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  • Kinetic Kennons 1 week ago

    What is better? Mexican food or Tex-Mex?

  • ChiTownBeaner 1 week ago

    You should try queso fundido, I would say it’s Mexico’s version of chili con queso.

  • Ricky Ticky 1 week ago

    plus tex mex come from Americans that did not like the real Mexican so they created their own traditional way of making their own food

  • Ricky Ticky 1 week ago

    yea tex mex is not Mexican at all. its American food. yea queso is from the states. I tried finding queso for nachos when I went to Mexico one guy told me that that type of stuff is for gringos.

  • Victor R. 1 week ago

    Why choose? Both Tex Mex and Mexican food sooo good! I just love salsa, cheese, guacamole, tortillas etc and they both pretty much have same ingredients. One thing I would miss if I left the USA is the Golden Corral buffet! The other day we went and I had battered fried fish, Steak, Fresh turkey, Tamales,shrimp etc. Don't think most countries have buffets like that.

  • R3drift 1 week ago

    Food food lol love it

  • TheYzzzi 1 week ago

    Tex-mex and mexican are two different cuisines and both are good! Mexico doesn't have breakfast tacos with handmade flour tortillas made of egg and bacon, chorizo, carne guisada, migas, etc.. Texas fajitas with skirt steak are just heaven. You can even get the mix fajitas too. Mexico does not use skirt steak in their fajitas (at least the ones I've tried down there). Texas doesn't have good al pastor tacos and the street tacos are much better in Mexico. Mexico has something called "gringa" but it's actually a tex-mex quesadilla so they're copying us too! LOL. They also don't have tex-mex enchiladas, which remind me of my childhood. Overall, they are both great. Outside of Texas, tex-mex food sucks though.

  • USMarine 1 week ago

    Both are good..but Tex Mex is a hell of alot tastier…but probably not as healthy…but yeah corn tortillas in Mexico probably taste better…but Texas has flour tortillas that are awesome lol…Tex Mex is more suited for the American palate…as most Americans would probably not be too interested in food directly from Mexico.

  • Luyz Qint 1 week ago

    I personally think that red meat has more flavor in Mexico, it might be because, in most cases has not been frozen.

  • Data Juggler 1 week ago

    I live in Houston, and I prefer Tex-Mex to real Mexican food. Can you get chicken fajitas in Puerto Vallarta? The cheese is what I don't like in real Mexican places; and it seems strange to not have queso.

  • Robert Simmons 1 week ago

    Hey guys! Queso means "cheese", though the stuff is actually processed cheese, a lot of added oil. If you gotta have it, get some at Sam's or Costco. You may know it as "American cheese". Just add chiles and you have "chile con queso".

  • D Vá 1 week ago

    I love how you guys actually describe the correct type of food style in your video, appropriate "Tex-Mex" vs. Mexican food, other ppl just call everything "Mexican" food… it's kinda ignorant of some ppl and I feel offended. Haha So thank you for the proper categories everyone can learn from you guys 🙂

  • Vlad Garza 1 week ago

    there are some Tex-mex things that you only find in the US that are really good,, I wish to find them in Mexico like that chile con queso and other stuff, that are really tasty.

  • dio gutz 1 week ago

    When I want some warm decant tortillas I go to Fiestas. I also go to Bill Millers BBQ right about they are about to close and they give me extra food. To answer your question Tex-Mex, Cal-Mex or Mexican food I have no favorite. Do a vid on Mexican food fusion like Korean tacos.

  • RSHoudini Salazar 1 week ago

    Beautiful Texas take care folks have a great time cheers !

  • Liliana Dominguez 1 week ago

    If you miss some Mexican flavor.? Go to Abuelos restaurant and el Tizoncito (tacos al pastor). It's the closest to taste.

  • Joel Kennon 1 week ago

    Hard 8 would have been a great choice for bbq. And Chuy's? What were you guys thinking?

  • Aloha State of Mind 1 week ago

    It took me this long to realize for some reason but rule #1 while watching your videos.  Never watch them when you are hungry!  Pretty sure Y'all need a disclaimer!

  • Gerardo Ramirez 1 week ago

    Guys bring me some TX BBQ I'm starving

  • Ivan 1 week ago

    We Texan-Mexican put cheese on everything lol I don't know how popular it is up in deep north Texas, but Flamming Hot cheetos with nacho cheese is extremely popular over here. and to answer your question as a Tex-mex I would have to say 85% of the time Mexican food always wins

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