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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote From diamondbacks to Mojave rattlers, the Chihuahuan Desert is a haven for all kinds of rattlesnakes. Famed snake wrangler Jules Sylvester takes to the rocky …


  • Ian Wilkins 2 weeks ago

    I love how they say "how cute is that" even though the snake truly want to bite its head off.

  • Hrp Drp 2 weeks ago

    puts hand in rock crevice
    "Watch where you put your hands boys"

  • Rusty Brown 2 weeks ago

    Always liked the desert, but hate snakes my theory has been an always will be the only good snake is a dead one.

  • weirdshibainu 2 weeks ago

    This is why I stay on trails

  • lenny108 2 weeks ago

    when there are no more mice these snakes eat each other

  • D Ps 3208 2 weeks ago

    Im not going to bother you then lift the snake up. The snake be like im taking a nap you moran

  • Jonathan Williamson 2 weeks ago

    Those snakes were unnaturally chill.

  • SnoopyDoo 2 weeks ago

    "Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes? I hate snakes." – Indiana Jones

  • xeepromx 2 weeks ago

    Snake to his pals later on: "You guys will NEVER believe what happened to me today".

  • Quack—0- 2 weeks ago

    This is the most recent video I watched normal there at least a year old

  • My30thnamechoice 2 weeks ago

    Fan of the channel but not this staged surprise stuff.

  • runbear 2 weeks ago

    it was like the snake recognized him after the hiss. Like dude havent seen you for minute

  • Pretty Catmint 2 weeks ago

    Was siiting at the edge of my seat watching this. I'd be too scared to step foot into such a terrain. Much like playing Russian roulette.

  • K-FOREST 2 weeks ago

    I'll do well, but I hope safety is always with me.

  • Brandon 2 weeks ago

    Haha good old camera man was just gonna let the dude step on the snake and get bit for some good footage.

  • plainwornout3 2 weeks ago

    Only good poisonous snake is a dead one.

  • David P 2 weeks ago

    I also like how cool and calm he is with these snakes. Great clip!

  • Aldo Torres 2 weeks ago

    They're a lot harder to spot in the Pomeranian desert

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