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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote It feels like spring here in Arizona, and we’re ready to start planting some seeds! We’re starting some moringa trees – one of the easiest and most rewarding seeds to plant! – so that we can add these trees to our front yard landscape! We have also been holding on to some lavender and basil for a while and are ready to up our herb game! AND we’re excited to show you what’s inside January’s Seed Bank Box from Jake Mace! If you don’t already follow Jake, you’ll want to go check out his YouTube channel ( to see his amazing food forest where we draw so much inspiration from! Jake recently launched a subscription service where he will select several interesting varieties of organic seeds and send them to you right when they’re ready to be planted! We have been so focused on planting trees that we’ve found ourselves slacking on our raised beds. We think that Jake’s seed service – along with the videos he’ll be making each month of that month’s seed box – will help keep us motivated to grow more veggies and herbs in our raised beds! If you want to get 15% off this service, head to his website and enter the promo code GGSBB17! Is it springtime yet where you live? What are you looking forward to planting? Let us know in the comments below! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @GreeniesGarden! We hope everyone has an AWESOME day! Video Rating: / 5


  • kimberly williams 1 year ago

    Hello Greenies, Did you get your April box in the ground? I just did mine today. Super excited. Thanks for the inspiration. Love to garden!!!

  • Hidestoomuch 1 year ago

    You two make the perfect duo!

  • Mozzeyy 1 year ago

    How often should I foliar feed my fruit trees?

  • Crazy Nate 1 year ago

    I found you on VeganAthlete, nice work on your channel.

  • AGdaisyproductions 612 1 year ago

    Thanks Greenies for sharing so quickly how to plant Moringa seeds, I have some I got from Jake's last exhibition, great video

  • Brandon Hubbard 1 year ago

    fat Deal Guys!!! can't wait to see my box of seeds grow with Greenies Garden and Jake's!

  • Jerry heath 1 year ago

    great video. thanks

  • Jan Kropáček 1 year ago

    and where you have weed in your garden?

  • Mari443Garrett1 1 year ago

    Spring already?

  • Hamza Ahmed 1 year ago

    I thought u guy were going to test jakes soils

  • LeJimster 1 year ago

    VeganAthlete ftw. Look forward to seeing how your garden does. I wish I lived in a warmer climate, would love to grow some Moringa Trees. They grow really fast and are super nutritious. Awesome.

  • WizzleThump 1 year ago

    Your wife looks GREAT in yoga pants. Maybe you should wear them next video? : P

  • wallamangaveer 1 year ago

    im obsessed with the fact that we are in the peak of summer and you guys are in winter or spring and you are having the same temperature highs and lows as us now and your in summer clothing yet we are both zone 9 and theoretically are in the exact same plant park exept its generally 2 hot there and 2 cold here lol somewhere like cali would be amazing i dont blame u for liking that place

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