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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Recent Arizona commit, Jahvon Quinerly, had one of the most productive summers of any recruit in the country as he rose up the point guard ranks where he now competes for the top spot at his position. Be on the lookout for his official mixtape next week! Make sure to follow HoopDiamonds on all our social platforms! Instagram: Twitter: SnapChat: HoopDiamonds HoopDiamonds is a grassroots & high school basketball content creation platform based out of South Florida, dedicated to bringing you the best and highest quality basketball video content on the internet. Tags: Jahvon Quinerly, HoopDiamonds, JellyFam Video Rating: / 5


  • Connor Barth 1 year ago

    Can someone explain to me his stepping sequence at 4:44? I was under the impression that gather steps were only in the nba. And if it was an uncalled travel, then I've been seeing a TON of these not being called in todays high school games

  • LeBron James 1 year ago

    He looks like the snitch from recess

  • darryl robinson 1 year ago

    JellyFam is like the new ShiftTeam

  • North Fourth 1 year ago

    kid's fast

  • Patricia Jacox 1 year ago

    week week week week. iverson and rose type high school players are gone forever.

  • Patricia Jacox 1 year ago

    week as fuck. hoopers aint shit no more. my sport is headed to hell.

  • Bdoevery thing 1 year ago

    JH or Isaiah

  • 9thWonderJ 1 year ago

    Can somebody explain how he dropped to #23 in the ESPN Top 100?

  • Snagcount 1 year ago

    #3 slept on, he seems like a solid big

  • Alex Reese 1 year ago

    Straight Jelly.

  • jellyfam si 1 year ago


  • FlaackoBoyBrady 1 year ago

    What's number threes name

  • Cameron Bouie 1 year ago

    Hoop diamonds come film in the biggest high school in Louisiana West Monroe High we got talent

  • ISO Blade 1 year ago


  • Hoop Journey 1 year ago

    He. Is. The. Truth.

  • Thegamedestroyer 1 year ago

    somebody tell Oprahside to react to this

  • Logan West 1 year ago

    get a video for naz reid

  • Michael Force 1 year ago

    How tall is he?

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