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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote These gardening videos are updates from past videos, so sorry for repeating myself, but sometimes friends have questions and I try with each new video to answer them. So…what you’ll learn in this video is what to use for Morning Glory vining (Jute: It’s natural strong string that come fall when the Morning Glories are ready to be pulled down, it can all be directly composted into the bed for next year. The Jute still appears as strong as when I strung it up early spring); Hugelkulter desert-style (I bury prickly pear in troughs in the garden cover it back over and its composted by next spring…we have tons of prickly pear here…it’s packed full of nutrients and moisture); no dig gardening, using masonite and cardboard topped with mulch; using century plant stalks for Morning Glory vines to offer shade for the chickens in their debris field; and, finally, an experiment with semi tire towers to see if they’ll help compost all the extra stuff chickens don’t eat. In the fall I’ll probably tear one tower apart to see what’s what. Hope I didn’t bore you! Again! Video Rating: / 5

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