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  • Mango The Dachshund! 1 year ago

    This needs to be a show.

  • Damian Lopez 1 year ago

    this is plant abuse, I'm a plant activist

  • AguaFluorida 1 year ago

    I too rescue cacti! Fortunately I haven't seen any horribly abused cacti like this for quite a while.

    One thing though, that knife you used to cut the hat off looked rather blunt and the blade was a bit on the thick side. Razor blades and scalpels are best – although, that said, I have a very nice Japanese vegetable knife that does the job very well too. This way I can successfully graft with my Trichocereus specimens, for example.

    Much love from Germany, keep up the good work!

  • Hans Müller 1 year ago

    Please Lyn, share this video to the shop where you buy it and beg them to stop take home stuff like that for sale. Ask them who delivered that kind of horror.
    I feel shaky…
    Thank you to put the spot on this!
    XXXXXX <3 <3 <3

  • Pablo K. 1 year ago

    Where do you finde these crystals?

  • DiggingThis 1 year ago

    oh poor mr. cactus got decapitated : (
    but thank you for the smooth rescue! Would love to see how he's doing now… : )

  • Sylvia J 1 year ago

    near my area (b'ham) succulents that don't get sold before xmas are being covered in glue then glitter,  pathetic if you ask me :c

  • Buzzardgirl13 1 year ago

    So glad you rescued this cactus! I am a new subscriber to your channel and have spent my Sunday afternoon watching your enjoyable videos. I would love to see a catch up video of this rescued cactus to see how he does. Well done!

  • MouseLilly Orchids 1 year ago

    Oh you saved it….. Please do an update!

  • MouseLilly Orchids 1 year ago

    Oh yeah for you, I would like to see an update on this.

  • featheredfan 1 year ago

    Great job, do you think that this is another Pilosocereus?  What a shame, that they do this.  OK, small dikes or sharp scissors [or fingernail clippers] can snip the spines free from the glue and a serrated steak knife, a razor blade or a scalpel will cut the skin of the smaller ones very easily.  Just saw that hat into shreds, haha!  They aren't in style anymore anyway.  It might take a few moths to regrow, but summer is coming.  Thanks for the trouble!

  • mohannad al madanie 1 year ago

    thank you lyn noble work

  • Peter Mc Guinness 1 year ago

    Lyn, I love your channel so much! I have a north facing window and my south facing window is full! Are there any plants I can put in the north window? Also I would love if you tought us how to make a desert cactus flower?!

  • Steve Northbridge 1 year ago

    I cannot stand people who mutilate these plants by sticking ridiculous hats, eyes and stupid flowers on. Any shop or garden centre that does this I boycott them xxxx

  • apham1310 1 year ago

    Please do more of these! I really love how you are so dedicated to them and I think its amazing

  • Van Noah Ark 1 year ago

    exciting!! Nice done, its really brutal how they destroy them and make them look totaly silly, I found them here in a shop pinned full of (ugly)  fake flowers,over 20 in one cactus,the poor thing had not much courage left ,  Respect from Belgium´s coming your way! peace´n´love

  • annaisgrowing 1 year ago

    I can't believe someone would shove a pin inside of a beautiful plant. And then to cover it with hot glue? Sick. I'm glad you saved it. Great post! have a lovely day!

  • Patrick Meehan 1 year ago

    You did well to rescue that poor little Cactus. That glue was terrible. I hope he will recover. Looking forward to watching  the progress of this Cactus

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