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  • eliminhate 6 years ago

    I’m so sick of Amy complaining about everything Michael does. The only
    reason she doesn’t want lauren to see the broadway show is because michael
    is taking her, it’s selfish

  • zigzagzigallah 6 years ago

    I cant seem 2 sbscribe 2 ur channel,everytime i go it says videos
    disabled… dont worry ill try again later

  • boci122 6 years ago

    I like Bruce, but he was being a bitch to his date, she was trying to be

  • zigzagzigallah 6 years ago

    Hey do have season 5 episode 13?if u do id really love it if u post it up

  • zigzagzigallah 6 years ago

    Thanx 4 goin thru the trouble of finding it 4 me….ur the man!!

  • StarryMikage 6 years ago

    Oh, that’s odd! Well hopefully it’ll work, but if not, don’t worry, I
    promise to message you when your episode is uploaded!

  • ReviewForReel 6 years ago

    Why is Amy so upset about this birthday, she isn’t paying for it. So what’s
    the problem?

  • StarryMikage 6 years ago

    I don’t at the moment, but I will get ahold of it and then upload it here
    for you ASAP! If you’d like to subcribe, you’ll get an update of when I do
    upload it, and updates for other episodes I’ll be uploading over the next
    few days, as well. ^_^

  • pixie1310 6 years ago

    I really miss this show:(

  • zigzagzigallah 6 years ago

    Actually i was looking 4 ross bagley’s last performance on tv(the boy from
    fresh prince)hes hard 2 find i wanna c him when hes older he should b
    atleast 15 or 16

  • randy109 6 years ago

    Bruce seems like a “cool” guy but more often he’s a complex control freak.
    The woman prepares a nice meal with a fire and candlelight on a cold night
    and Bruce actually gets confused and angry. (Besides she’s probably saving
    him $80 bucks!) The guy is impulsive and immature (like when he punched
    that guy in the Courthouse!). He gets away with being a rude jerk over and
    over again because he carries himself as “the strong, silent type”. Bruce
    is Trouble with a capital “T”…

  • StarryMikage 6 years ago

    No problem, my friend has confirmed she does have that episode recorded!
    We’ll be meeting up to collect all our episodes together within the next
    month or two, and then we’ll upload that one 🙂 Apologies for the wait! As
    I said, you can subscribe to get an update of when Season 5, Episode 13 is
    uploaded, but I’ll also send you a message too ^_^