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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Just another day out in the Arizona Desert. Cracking Bedrock! looking for the Gold! Gold! Video Rating: / 5


  • Mike Welch 1 week ago

    Why do you feel you need to keep harping on the fact you aren’t hurting anything. As a fellow Arizona miner, I don’t think anyone believes we are hurting anything.

  • S.A. Morris 1 week ago

    …liked how you showed the landscape for floodwater flows…
    ….and darn good colors….!!!…

  • TheOnlyoutdoors 1 week ago

    Out near Salome AZ

  • John H 1 week ago

    can u let me know what part of az you are looking at

  • Norm Tober 1 week ago

    you keep right on doing what you're doing. I do small time hard rock and everything else in between. enjoy your time!

  • Geoff Brown 1 week ago

    You will never be a Jeff Williams and your Camera work is shocking the vacuuming gave me an idea …And ya know what am gona say So come on lets GOoooooooo

  • JIMinBama1 1 week ago

    Try talking less and show more gold . Thumbs up anyway 🙂

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