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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Seapeekay Welcomes you to Kawaii Cactus Team Build Battle Join Seapeekay as he teams up with his good friend Smallishbeans as they try their best to build a Kawaii Cactus…a strange build idea, but i think we did great! Youtubers Featured ► Smallishbeans – Get The Game ► hypixel – Team Build Battle ▼ Music By ▼ ► Looking For A New PC/Components? ► Grab An Awesome GT Omega Chair With 5% Off ►UK: ►USA: ► Use Code Seapeekay at checkout ▼ Find Seapeekay ▼ ► Seapeekay Twitter: ► Seapeekay Facebook: ► Seapeekay Instagram: ► Seapeekay MC Server: ▼ Music By ▼ Video Rating: / 5


  • Areejhaday Wyche 1 year ago

    hi seapeekay, this may be weir but I think that
    the next theme should be a kawaii platypus

  • Trudi Coulter 1 year ago


  • Adam Mucoffa 1 year ago

    OMG i was waiting for joel to use this skin XD

  • Russell Nott 1 year ago

    that's not cute you should do a black custom head for the eyes

  • It's Bethany 1 year ago

    U shouldn't have come 4

  • KawaiiKitty_xox 1 year ago

    Joel's skin kinda freaked me out (ps Joel is up upsesed with you Seapeekay lol you probably already knew that…. Now I'm embarrassed. Plus chances are you will not see this comment)

  • Hannah Kim 1 year ago

    Honestly, Lizzie's was better.

  • Sasha Carlton 1 year ago

    The arm it was so fat and weird

  • Lital yosef 1 year ago

    Love you

  • Lital yosef 1 year ago

    plz set the theme to a pug ride on a skateboard

  • Darkrose 123 1 year ago

    U should do a Kawaii~Pineapple

  • Caramel Kitty2005 1 year ago

    When I keep seeing Joel's skin I keep thinking it was lizzie

  • Gaming fun Collectors 1 year ago

    What's your phone number

  • Puppy Swirl 1 year ago

    Joel skin look like a girl Shrek

  • pronpan pinsuwan 1 year ago

    So kawaii

  • Dil_With_It 1 year ago

    Lizzie did a build battle on kawaii cactus :3

  • Rebecca Owens 1 year ago

    Did anyone see at the end of the video that someone put WTF in the chat

  • Lilly Bell 1 year ago

    The only reson they didn't win was because they were first. (◍•ᴗ•◍)

  • Cherry Bomb 1 year ago

    Sea peeks in crazycraft please can you name a animal Sushi ly

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