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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Click on this link for more information about landscaping, home construction and building renovation. One of the best things we can do for ourselves and loved ones will be to gather as much information about safety as we possibly can to prevent problems like these. Having large plants block window egress and fire escape routes won’t seem like a problem until they actually need to be used, but that’s when it might be too late. Watch more videos to increase your knowledge about building safety, because you never know who’s life you’re going to save with a little information. Video Rating: / 5 AMS Landscaping is having a 20% OFF cactus and succulent sale in Phoenix.  The sale goes through January 31st, 2018.  If you are looking for a thornless cactus like a Totem Pole or a flower blooming cactus like Argentine Giant.  There are also great succulents like Slippery Flower (also called Fire Sticks) that change to a redish color in the fall and winter or Parry’s Agave that look really cool in groups of three.  We recommend Ocotillos all the time to replace trees in some communities that allow it to replace trees that are usually more maintenance and none of these require water running to them at all.  There is a 3-shrub minimum for this sale and its not combined with any other offer. Here are links to several cactus and succulents that are recommended for our desert. Please feel free to contact AMS Landscaping at (602) 944-0421 or check us out at and fill out our Contact Us form.  If you like this video please follow us on Facebook and Youtube at AMS Landscaping. Sign Up For Our Offer Today! Video Rating: / 5


  • ism schism 2 years ago

    I see positives & negatives here:
    Pos: No need to fall out the window if I have a branch to hold onto for extra support; especially if window is at-or-higher than chest-height from the outside ground & you have children or elderly. (What may be laying out on the ground at night?)
    Neg: Too-close & too overgrown to get past, unless you're filled with adrenaline.
    Good subject to talk about.

  • MrMac5150 2 years ago

    People plant trees to close to the foundation of the building. I believe all trees that get a girth of more than 5 inches
    should be 12 feet from a major foundation. It is easier to fix a sidewalk, then a house.

  • William Lundin 2 years ago

    Hey, you should have linked to this in the email notice! Never knew you all had a youtube channel, cool Eli!

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