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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote See more details: For us, there’s no better place than Burning Man for a little outside-the-box thinking, especially when it comes to staying cool in extreme heat. With the desert highs reaching into the 100’s and no shade trees for miles, people are forced to be resourceful to keep themselves and their RV cool. See all our Filming and Editing gear here: Filmed on: GoPro Hero 3 Black Canon EOS m Audio: RODE VidMic Pro Zoom H4n Editing: MSI GS70-096 Crimson Adobe Premiere 6 Magic Bullet Looks Music: “The Great” by Broke For Free ( © Gone With the Wynns 2015 Video Rating: / 5


  • The Write In President 4 years ago

    In the Southern states {{{we live in Very Humid}}} and when the heat {{{goes to 185 during}}} +=+ the passing of Planet Nibiru, would a 10 foot deep trench {{{with a tent on top}}} be a good enough way to protect babies, children, and others? Thomas A. Sutor on Face Book

  • Austin's Tropical Pool Care, Travel, And DIY Projects 4 years ago

    Why Don't You Use Tire Covers? Ask The RV Geeks!

  • Connor Bourne 4 years ago

    you guys are awesome! hope to see you on the Playa!!

  • Mike Miller 4 years ago

    Was anyone using water misters?

  • Tine Woodbe 4 years ago

    Why Burning Man is held at that ridiculously harsh location has always perplexed me. Love the concept of Burning Man, but I'll never attend so long as it is held there – it's just dumb.

  • Samuel B. 4 years ago

    5:04 anyone know where to find that reflective fabric?

  • Samuel Williams 4 years ago

    stupid liberals just run a generator like I do

  • davesma12 4 years ago

    Hey guy, heating and cooling professional here. Before you return this year that heavy A/C filter is called Hogs Hair filter and can be bought at most A/C supply houses. It is very durable and can be washed out yearly when in regular units. The swamp coolers only work in hot/dry areas, that is why they are not used in New England. The same techniques is used in the largest A/C units made that cool buildings. Evaporative Cooling, very efficient to get rid of heat.
    A breeze makes the air feel 10-15 degrees cooler so spray yourself and sit in front of a fan under the shade works well too.
    The radiant heat barrier or silver cloth is for the suns rays only, not the hot air or convection heat. Radiant is a very import component of heating and often misunderstood, even by most professionals. I was an engineer so I geek it up. I would use as much radiant reflective as possible, swamp coolers and always suck in air from the shade areas. Remember to cool off the RV at night as radiant is cooling as well, which is why puddles freeze even above freezing temperatures. An old trick to working in attics is spray the roof to just wet it and let it evaporate then spray it again when it dries out. That is removing the heat by evaporative cooling and it can be felt inside the RV.
    I am going to sell my house and live full time in an RV, but think I will stick to the 70 degree route and travel around the country in moderate temperatures, that's extreme.

  • Scott Wall 4 years ago

    I burned yearly until 2007….lotsa changes on the playa!!! You guys seem too nice for that changed scene.

  • mossy1 4 years ago

    Wouldn't those evaporative coolers just make the air more humid, thus making it feel hotter??

  • Benjamin Williams 4 years ago

    All very great ideas I like the silver illuminate shading.

  • Tom Steele 4 years ago

    I noticed the deer head sculpture early in this video is the same as a picture often seen hanging in other videos of yours. Are the prints of a picture you took?

  • Memaw does America (RV life) 4 years ago

    Thanks for the tips

  • tom jackson 4 years ago

    What is the big deal? I used to put in 12 hour days on construction at 105 degrees in the California desert. With low desert humidity the heat is not a problem.

    And to beat the heat, wear less clothes.

  • Doug Cates 4 years ago

    Use bungee cords to keep tarps from ripping. They stretch so your tarps don't die. It puts stress on the tarp holders and they rip. They need to flex.

  • Ginés 4 years ago

    105 here in cali

  • Chris Hicks 4 years ago


  • sandboundchris 4 years ago

    What did the inside of your motorhome look like at the end of the trip? I've heard its impossible to keep the silt out. Thanks for the videos

  • Love the blond!

  • Objectivityiskey 4 years ago

    These people are ridiculous! You have totally lost the idea of this show… It's sad to see how much this event has become a commercialized farce. This makes me sad to the max. Anyway, try and have fun at your luxury farm fed frenzy poser festival. It was cool when it was cool, and now it's just sad.

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