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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote You Betcha!!! Kiev is still out just enjoying the sights and sounds of the Desert Botanical Garden (or is he just Lost??) :=) He shows you how this last long…

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  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    thx 🙂

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    ED the problem is the frost killed not only most of the flowers but plants
    Hummers,bees & butterfly’s also. It just messed up the whole Ego System
    really bad. 🙁 Kiev

  • ??l????t???The Crown 7 years ago

    Beautiful !

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Thanks Kiel 🙂 I think you could make A Great Awesome Rap on it take care
    buddy 🙂 Kiev

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Isabel, We’re Glad you enjoyed it,you should check out the whole series.
    :=)? Chickbit & 🙂 Kiev

  • marc5701 7 years ago

    Hey Kiev,I saw the pictures of the Phoenix snow. Was this cold spell
    unusual for the valley ?

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Thanks for both the nice comment & for the sub back plus the Easter wish
    :=) Chickbit & 🙂 Kiev

  • Maria Mplampla 7 years ago

    Kiev 4ever :* 🙂

  • UFOinvestigation 7 years ago

    Kiev, this is my other channel, ED

  • June-Marie Liddy 7 years ago

    i love gardens i need to work on my plants soon

  • ?? ??? ? ?????????? 7 years ago


  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Thanks we’re glad you enjoyed the video. Hey as soon as we get our daily
    allotment we willl be subbing you back. Thanks for your support of our
    channel & also thanks for your patience. :=) Chickbit & 🙂 Kiev

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Thanks Maria that was super sweet. Hugs & Luvs 🙂 Kiev

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    ED,Cool after we get through the upcoming weekend we will be able to
    concentrate on playlist for both of your channels. We don’t post all of
    someone’s videos,we just like to give people a taste. After all we still
    want them to go to the channels for the full Monty plus Sub. Take care
    buddy ttys 🙂 Kiev

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Thanks Annemaree Love you lots :=)? Danielle & 🙂 Kiev?

  • June-Marie Liddy 7 years ago

    great video love nature

  • rhymesauce 7 years ago

    great stuff Kiev, i’d love to check that place out!

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    It was just over 2weeks after that record breaking cold spell that lasted 1
    1/2 weeks then it took 3days off & came back to set new records for another
    9days. Even up here in Fountain Hills we did not see the snow the news was
    showing,but it got very cold. 🙂 Kiev

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Thanks Wow that’s Alot of stars. I’m guessing you tried the resub because
    we noticed it went up 1 thanks for doing that we appreciate that Bunches
    Luvs & Hugs :=)? Danielle & 🙂 Kiev?.

  • Isabel Rebelo 7 years ago

    Wonderful Kiev! I liked it! Thanks for sharing.

  • 511Kiev 7 years ago

    Hey marc how the heck you doing buddy? As for the snow that was mostly
    staged.even out here at FH we got snow but not really that much. I did
    measure 2inches where one of the pups had been Digging. But yes Very Very
    unusual,it set all kinds of records. Because of my old broken/mended bones
    plus my Park’s Janis & Jeff were constantly lifting me up & down. Also it
    sucked that I got so much wheelchair time.:-) Kiev

  • annemaree roberts 7 years ago

    Thankyou Kiev for this wonderful share!!!!!!