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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote The L.A. BEAST fans have raised the very important question of, “What happens to a man after he eats 2 whole CACTUS?” I guess you just have to watch to find … Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • SoulSurvivorX2 6 years ago


  • Sir Sebastian 6 years ago

    L.A Beast.

    Did you ever know that you’re my hero??

  • skippy62able 6 years ago

    Overall, it has been a terrible past 4 days. Finally feeling 100%?

  • ZOMBIE 6 years ago

    Ya know, when I pooped after eating my cactus it didn’t really hurt at all.
    It was by far the BEST dooky I’ve ever taken in my life!?

  • Nero Angelo 6 years ago

    *Cacti… dammit guys?

  • 03germas 6 years ago

    Errrm, word for the wise: remove or skin the cactus before eating?

  • crazyshot011 6 years ago

    am i the only one who would be scared shitless to go to the bathroom??

  • bogellenong 6 years ago

    as i said in your previous video, eat poo next?

  • TheCombineOverlord 6 years ago

    Is he really this desperate for views??

  • HeyWheresKel 6 years ago

    Walk it off, you’ll be fine.?

  • GamersPlaylist 6 years ago

    he make’s such a painful shit face XD?

  • Tristan Jennings 6 years ago

    Eat Five whole oranges?

  • Edscratch23469 6 years ago

    Hey L.A. beast you should try the poprocks and cola challenge ?

  • ThePudding Pup 6 years ago

    And this children is why we don’t eat things we are not supposed to eat.?

  • Diamonddeath 6 years ago

    So, how did you remove all the spikes, especially the ones in your throat??

  • foxman105 6 years ago

    So… did you die yet??

  • Willy Liberteen 6 years ago

    Inb4 he’s bleeding fro the asshole and asking for a Snoopy bandaid to put
    on it?

  • MrGoodkat 6 years ago

    I need a shiznitt now.?

  • Jennifer Last 6 years ago

    Poor boy! A hard lesson to learn!

  • poffpoff1 6 years ago

    Eat swedish surst

  • martin tongate 6 years ago

    owwwwwww that hurt coming out more than it did going in didnt it?

  • krajlalex 6 years ago

    Don’t the stomach acid dissolve the cactus spikes? The poop part is
    probably fake.?

  • Daniel Phillips 6 years ago

    I figured the needles would saturate and just become little soft

  • Dogyphil 6 years ago


  • Jasper Douglas 6 years ago

    It hurts on the way in, and worst on the way out XD?