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  • Utpala Saikia 1 month ago

    The video is superb and fantastic. But plz speak about the location of such beautiful scenaries in future. They are so lucky. With thanks.

  • Jasveer kaur Romana 1 month ago

    So sweet

  • Joel Eusebio 1 month ago

    Art of viewing is awesome it's a self relaxation and desire satisfaction.

  • Bala Murugan 1 month ago


  • these are beautifully built

  • Shah Bukhari786 1 month ago

    بهترن گا ڈن هرا گاس فول هتهے اشے لگتے ہے گاڈن مے شوٹے ساعیز مے ابا شار ہو تو اشا ہے لگتا هے صبح کو اٹ کر جب پهلے نزر پڑہتهے خوب سورت گا ڈن پے دل میرا بہت خش ہو تا ہے سارا دن اشا گزر تا ہے میرا

  • milladf 1 month ago

    Loved the one at 0:21~0.27 very professionally photoshopped picture, absolutely stunning! hahahahah

  • Kasu Babu 1 month ago


  • Lý Thanh Tùng 1 month ago

    3:43 Du Miên garden cafe


    I am Niyas
    Pls contact my No

    The complete civil construction work

  • Lana Cuk 1 month ago

    This is Pinterest on You tube. I wonder if you asked for copy rights?

  • Anil Kumar 1 month ago

    Nice landscape

  • Jae Hee Lee 1 month ago

    This is not for a small garden.

  • Dande lion 1 month ago

    Most of these garden are big while most of us have medium to small gardens. Also, instead of showing gardens with fake 3D plants and flowers that does not coexist in the real world, it would be better and helpful to most of us to show different garden designs and suggestions by climate regions, like Arizona, Texas (divided into north and south, since Texas is so big), Wisconsin, Las Vegas, Vermont, etc.

  • Raju Kumar 1 month ago

    i like it

  • Raju Kumar 1 month ago

    very very very beutifull garden

  • Hawa Dicky 1 month ago

    waaaooo fantastic

  • william bispo 1 month ago

    Como que chama esses arbustinho verde redondo pequeno?

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