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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote GreenScapes libraries start off with Trees and Shrubs, Palms, Tropical, Desert, Drought Tolerant, Evergreen, Conifers, Annuals, Perennials, Flowers and more. Create your own library, group plants together, customize any object, this will speed up your design process. You will be designing extraordinary landscapes in a matter of minutes. Extensive choices of patterns from major Interlocking Paving and Decorative Concrete Manufactures takes your design to the next level, allowing you to show different paver and concrete textures with a click. Learn more about GreenScapes Libraries: Video Rating: / 5 Ellsworth Avenue, Toronto, ON M6G 2K7 (416) 534-3691 Unless you are talking about moulding sand dunes in a desert, and that is not likely in Toronto, landscape design requires plantings of one kind or another. There is such a wide range of colours, textures, sizes, shapes and maintenance requirements that picking the right plants for your property, lifestyle and individual needs can seem overwhelming. As a premier Toronto landscape design company, we have decades of experience in the architectural and landscaping design field. We have seen it all, from Denmark to Canada and are comfortable working on the macro landscaping design scale, to the micro. A critical element many people forget is the temporal one. That shrub, bush or tree that you plant may be perfect in 5 years, but may have to be removed in 10 because of growth. When planning a perfect landscape, design needs to consider the pattern of growth of each planting. You may need to allow for removal at some point, or require a strict schedule of pruning and training. On the other hand landscape design for Toronto needs to consider how winter impacts any plants used. Harsh colder weather slows some trees and shrubs and limits their […]


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    Hi friends I m Jabeen Qamar from Pakistan want to purchase this software. please help me in this regard. Also want to know that it will how much cost to me.

  • Landscape Design Imaging Software, Inc. "GreenScapes" 3 years ago

    Landscape Design Software Libraries – Photo Realistic and Customizable GreenScapes Learn more:

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