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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] The are three main design principles when is comes to designing any 3 dimentional space. these Continuity, Unity and Rhythm. These are very ambiguous terms and are difficult to describe let alone explain to a student. Never the less understanding How these they principles work in harmony with each other and when used in conjunction with Bubble or Functional diagrams they do help guide the students to obtain viable and practical design solution. Video Rating: / 5


  • We are the garden makers UK 2 years ago

    don't forget about unity in garden design

  • Ba d Neighbour 2 years ago

    What about point line and plane? I would argue they are the most important and basic design principles.

  • Kevin R. Benoit 2 years ago

    To be sincere, I haven’t seen such a landscape design that was so outrageous and I just thought if this was really my house again because it totally changed shape and beauty. I am indeed grateful to [Details Here== ]  this program. Thanks!

  • Heather Marie 2 years ago

    This was great! Very well written. Thank you so much!

  • L Bandara 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video. This knowledge is like gold.

  • Garden Sheds Devon 2 years ago

    I strongly agree with these three main principles. Never the less, these principles plays a very significant role inorder to incur a very unique and reliable designs. I gained a very useful knowledge through watching this video. Thank you! 

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