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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In today’s photo critique I’m taking a look at 9 photos from Bob while giving feedback & quickly editing them in Lightroom 6 ►Subscribe For More Photography Videos: ►(Ad) – Create Your Own Professional Photography Website With SmugMug! – Learn More & Get Your 14 Day Free Trial Today:► ►Submit Your Own Photos: (I can’t guarantee to make a critique for your photos due to high demand, but you can try 🙂 ————————————- List of other Lightroom Tutorials: Lightroom In Depth Tutorials Playlist!► Lightroom Quick Edits Playlist!► Dodge and Burning Tutorial!► Simulate Composition And Lighting Very Easily!► Wildlife Editing Tutorial!► Create Amazing Sunsets In Depth Explained!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 001!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 002!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 003!► Lightroom In Depth Landscape Photography Editing Tutorial 004!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 001!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 002!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 003!► Black and White Editing Tutorial 004!► B&W Portrait Editing Tutorial!► Turn Your Bad Raw Files into Great Pictures 001!► Turn Your Bad Raw Files into Great Pictures 002!► The Ultimate Boring Photo To Great Picture Edit!► ————————————- Be sure to subscribe for more photography related videos and lightroom tutorials! Click here! ► 500px: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Thank you very much for watching! Video Rating: / 5 Watch as photographer George Steinmetz sails above the dunes of the world’s most extreme deserts in his paraglider and captures captivating images of the beautiful landscapes below. Video Rating: / 5


  • ryan burns 4 years ago

    +YuriFineart may I offer a suggestion? I think it may help beginners if you could be more specific than "it just works". I love your videos, but in this one you use the word "works" so many times that it has become shorthand for — something, but it's never clear what. If you could substitute "works" with some other word or explanation, what would it be? Answering this question will, I think, help you with clarity. Again, love the videos, and I hope you keep it up!

  • pjculbertson55 4 years ago

    I am struggling with dodging and burning. I am doing something wrong when I use the radial filter. For some reason when I click the radial filter and then change exposure, the entire scene changes rather than just the area in the filter circle. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

  • Virag Sharan 4 years ago

    well explained tutorials.

  • ravenmadx 4 years ago

    I love how quickly and efficiently you can edit.

  • Bob Hindley 4 years ago

    Yuri – I appreciated your candid comments on my photos and will take your suggested fixes into account on my future photos

  • peter nadort 4 years ago

    Youri, if I may have critique on your way ofmaking pictures nice, then I start my own publishing, but that will be only copy's of your work.So please go on with this work, Thanks, Peter Nadort (Holland)

  • Vanilla Bean 4 years ago

    awesome , yuri can u help me with what editing software u use for your videos

  • Rick Mentore 4 years ago

    As always, your analysis is spot-on and entertaining. Thanks

  • LindaPatton1 4 years ago

    Thank you so much….you are the greatest… your videos……please keep them coming….I might even offer some of my photos for comments….

  • Allan Davies 4 years ago

    Many thanks again Yuri'always love listening to your thought processes. Only one point I would like to mention, I believe the last image with the blue pool of water could have been improved in my opinion if the image was rotated into a portrait format which would have created a leading line into the image. Best regards, Allan

  • hari prasad 4 years ago

    I m first

  • PhantomPanic 4 years ago

    Can anyone explain 1:48?

  • i like sand

  • Original Morocco Tours 4 years ago

    Imagine your Holiday in Morocco, riding camels over the magic sand dunes of Erg Chabbi!!

  • Jeremy Stocks 4 years ago

    Nice vid. i spent three years travelling the Saudi deserts in a Lada Niva around the Tuwaiq escarpment in the late 1990s

  • Naturplatz 4 years ago

    Wunderbarer fantastischer Film!!!!!!!!!

  • Ali Enigma (Killadomain) 4 years ago

    I might be wrong but it looks like Salala,Oman.

  • Chris Taylor 4 years ago

    What is the city at 1:05 called??? It's absolutely fantastic.

  • Wade Saleeby 4 years ago

    surprised someone didn't take a pop shot at you…. be safe man!

  • MsFnooo 4 years ago

    Saudi Arabia <3

  • Ellis01234567890 4 years ago

    You can… Google is only 1 click away.

  • xm puh 4 years ago


  • Selincean Daniel 4 years ago

    foggara. ancient type of water-supply system developed and still used in arid regions of the world (pictures from Algeria)

  • terriaminute 4 years ago

    THANK YOU for sharing your art with us!

  • Kurt Stedman 4 years ago

    i love it.

  • Jessika Renay 4 years ago

    I wanna trrryyyy.

  • majav15mg 4 years ago

    You better be fucking kidding.

  • lbawsl 4 years ago

    wow only " idiots " havent heard of typos

  • ‫رقة الورد‬‎ 4 years ago

    Wow brave God wills it :)

  • djlam35 4 years ago

    you see his face in that picture?! Fuck that

  • restiecastillo 4 years ago

    what a beautiful scenery!

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