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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote In this video I go through my process of selecting compositions at sunset in the Arizona desert, and also talk about giving yourself enough time to find one or two more compositions in case light and colors change. Follow us on IG: Where we get our music: My Photography Kit: Nikon D850: Nikon Z6: Nikon 14-24mm F/2.8: Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8: Rode Lav Mic: Zoom H1 Recorder: Rode SC3 adapter for Zoom H1: My website and newsletter: Video Rating: / 5


  • Michael Hadac 2 months ago

    Nice Subject to shoot for sure.. I had some of my shots from Arizona placed in Leather and in Old Wooden Frames. Turned out nice, but it was a $60.00 dollars shots! I still have a great collection of those Jumping Chollas and other dessert trees.. Great Hobby for sure! Michael.

  • Jesus Cristo 2 months ago

    I see you using gimble right?

  • Jesus Cristo 2 months ago

    how is handheld with Z lenns and F lens?
    For Z lens real workd IBIS?
    amd the most important questions.. are you using any external mic? or just Nikon Mic from the camera? Thanks buddy!

  • groovesme 2 months ago

    Our yard was totally golden this year. Was so beautiful coming home from our Asia trip this year. The flower drop had our yard gold, the trees were a great mix of gold and green. Too bad that just like the Cherry blossom in Asia it only lasts a few days at it's peak.

  • Joel H 2 months ago

    Really love the image at 11:26 ! Btw almost 20k dude!!

  • DesertPackrat 2 months ago

    Mike, I think your shots are fantastic. Great balance without unrealistic over processing. I live and have lived in Tucson for 48 years and struggle sometimes with my inspirations in the desert; the desert sometimes presents too many distracting elements compositionally. Unlike so many other channels that are in green or ocean locations your focus on desert photography helps me greatly. Please keep going. I unfortunately was replacing my focus screen the other day and dropped a screw into my 5d iii. I am hoping I can fix it soon before all the beautiful spring flowers disappear.

  • Allan Davies 2 months ago

    Hello Mike, Superb images especially the rim lighting around the Cacti…

  • Jon Glass 2 months ago

    Those photos! and that music at the end! Wow! Thanks

  • rudy nuyens 2 months ago

    Another great video Mike, the surroundings are beautiful too, everything fits into the picture, the mountains and the plain, even the music nicely Mike.Ps also nice photo's

  • Linton Coke 2 months ago

    Mike great video, thanks sooo much. What tripod are you using?

  • Robert H 2 months ago

    Hey Mikey, Found a really interesting place yesterday just North of where you were in this video. I'll email you the directions. Nice sunset shots by the way. Happy travels.

  • Stelios Podimatis 2 months ago

    Very much enjoyed the photo's and explanation on how to set the shot up. Big reminder to working on my blending more…Thanks!

  • Ryan Luna 2 months ago

    Good work Mike. I have family that grew up in Tucson. They, (cousins of my age), were always complaining about how they wanted to get out of there. Now I tell them how lucky they are to live in such a beautiful state, and they're like….WTF? LOL.

  • Ramon Luna 2 months ago

    Mike great stuff, was waiting the video off my phone, but the pictures are so beautiful, that I watched it again on my tv, ( 55 in ); so I can really appreciate these photos!!!!! Always enjoy your work, always inspiring to get out there and shoot!!!

  • Noealz - Anime Photography 2 months ago

    looks beautiful over there man

  • Randy McKown 2 months ago

    This is just what I needed because it's a nasty cold wet morning here in Colorado.

  • Christina Media 2 months ago

    First yeah

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