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[Total: 0    Average: 0/5] You must sign in to vote Join me on my landscape photography workshop in Iceland. The second instalment see’s us travel in to the Highlands of Iceland to enjoy more landscape photography. Additional Drone Footage by: My Instagram: My Website: Thor’s Website: **Music** The Sum Of All Things – Gavin Luke Glacial Nature 1 – Niklas Gustavsson Trapped – They Dream By Day Stay Near – Henrik Olsson **All Downloaded from Here: My Gear blog: My E-Book: Some kit used/seen in this video. These are Amazon affiliate links. If you use these links to purchase any item from Amazon, I get a small percentage which helps support my work x x x My Vlogging Camera – My Mic – My Wide Lens – My Medium Lens – My Long Lens – Arca Swiss Manfrotto Ball Head – My full kit list blog: Video Rating: / 5


  • Schnorks 4 weeks ago

    It is so difficult to show the scale of Haifoss. To one of my images I got a "that's cute". Thankfully I had a pic with a person in it. Nothing better to convey scale as a human.
    Thanks for the upload.

  • mike burns 4 weeks ago

    Ban plastic straws. The oceans are filled with them. A stainless steel straw is .40 cents

  • David Korosec 4 weeks ago

    Nice vlog, when was this trip?

  • Arthur Coon 4 weeks ago

    I look forward to every new video!

  • Thom PB 4 weeks ago

    Wow! Amazing video and great images! What is the name of that viewpoint/crater in the last image? 🙂

  • George Marmaridis 4 weeks ago

    The shots from this vid were phenomenal!

  • Gregory Standaert 4 weeks ago

    So many great images in this one, well done Thomas!

  • Shadman Sakib 4 weeks ago

    You know Thomas you are a good documentary film maker as well …

  • Jake Kim 4 weeks ago

    I am curious why not take more than just one photo? You traveled so far, and yet take only single photo. I would think that even if the composition isn't ideal, you might get a surprise back home.

  • Stefan Viklund 4 weeks ago

    Hi, very nice videos you are making (yes, I have now seen them all) 🙂 .. and you have persuaded me to buy an EF 70-200 f4 USM now, thanks for that. 😀

  • Sridip Nag 4 weeks ago

    That cliff face (dark) image! Wow! Right on-par with the imagery I love to do.

  • sTekSOo 4 weeks ago

    1:38 made my day! Leading by good example.

  • Jean-Côme Bouden 4 weeks ago

    Great haircut Thomas!

  • 00Skyfox 4 weeks ago

    You should go someplace tropical….white sands instead of white snow and ice.

  • Relaxation Ambience 4 weeks ago

    Very nice audio track selection, totally fits the mood of landscape !

  • Stephen Hart 4 weeks ago

    Great job thomas. Beautiful.

  • Al Green - Light Through Glass 4 weeks ago

    Viking country

  • Patrick Hertzog 4 weeks ago

    Great stuff as usual, but I specialy love Iceland. What is this blue mountain that you are talking about ? Is it next to Laudmannalaugar ?

  • Radni Naslov 4 weeks ago

    Hey Thomas! I've always wanted to ask you, when it comes to camping at different locations, do you free camp or do you most of the time have to pay something? As always, i really enjoy watching your videos, you are the only stuff i don't miss on youtube! Best of luck in your future adventures!

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