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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote With a good dumping of fresh snow, I headed out to a local woodland in search of winter images. I was surprised to find a compositon full of colour in an otherwise monochrome environment. My Instagram: **Music** Indulgence – Peter Sandberg Stay Near – Henrik Olsson **All Downloaded from Here: My Gear blog: My E-Book: Some kit used/seen in this video. These are affiliate links. My New Vlogging Camera – My Wide Lens – My Medium Lens – My Long Lens – Arca Swiss Manfrotto Ball Head – Audio Recorder – My full kit list blog: Video Rating: / 5


  • Jeff Probst 1 month ago

    Give this man an Oscar!

  • John McCann 1 month ago

    Couple of bits of bread in the water out of shot -Presto! no ducks in shot 🙂
    (Also works with Peacocks.)
    Of course, if you haven't brought any pieces with you, you're stuffed.

  • Diego Diaz 1 month ago

    Why, and how would a high iso capture the snow. Is it because you’re adding extra light to capture the white flake ?

  • TheChromaKid 1 month ago

    I feel like you could've used that duck to your advantage to get a unique shot

  • Christine Dalgaard Persson 1 month ago

    #AskTHeaton why didnt you try to capture the ducks instead?

  • Vise Diesel 1 month ago


  • Kraken Towa 1 month ago

    So jealous of you people in snowy environments……

  • Peter Cho 1 month ago

    Why u do this Duck?!

  • Unsung Stories 1 month ago

    Man you are inspiring me. Its not just the photographs,but the video, the way you explain how you plan and go through, the way you explain what you want in your photograph and planning to acheive that, the choice of your background music I can go on and on….

  • Purbayan Bhattacharyya 1 month ago

    Your polariser is costlier than my whole kit 😛 Works well though.

  • Due North 1 month ago

    Where do u get Mist filters from?!?!?!? HAHAHA

  • ldstirling 1 month ago

    Tom, in only a couple of your videos have I ever seen you use your tripod with the legs not fully extended and at standing height. I'm interested to know why you so seldom get low in your videos? Is there ever a landscape shot you will take hand-held? Thanks.

  • macronencer 1 month ago

    The BTS interlude was very interesting! Thank you for including it. There's no controlling wildlife 🙂

  • Ricardo Medina 1 month ago

    Please send me this imagen rmedinafotos@gmail. Com

  • Callumat7 1 month ago

    Hello Tom. You should have had a look along to Shaftoe Crags. Just a bit further on from where you were.

  • Fabian Strasser 1 month ago

    Sometimes ducks ruining your shot 🙂

  • tony james 1 month ago

    Nice work, it's refreshing to find a photographer talking about taking photos instead of videos of gear geeks raving on about the latest Sony:)

  • allan sisson 1 month ago

    Pricing a mist filter now.

  • matthieu pasquier 1 month ago

    Sneaky duck hahaha

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