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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote 2 Billion years old, 277 miles long, and over a mile deep, The Grand Canyon is a vast and amazing geological treasure located in the Southwestern United States. Filmed over 2 days in March by Just 2 Guys Creative and Mike Williamson Productions. Subscribe for more life changing and inspiring videos! Mike Williamson Productions Landscapes | Pt. Defiance – Behind The Scenes of Landscapes | Grand Canyon – Camera: Canon 5D MkII & Canon 60D Lenses: 11-16 2.8 Tokina, 24-105 f/4.0L, 70-200mm f/2.8L, 16-35 f/2.8L, 135 f/2.0L Steady: GlideTrack HD Hybrid, Glidecam HD2000, Manfrotto 546B Tripod, 504HD Head Song: ‘Thule’ by The Album Leaf Filmed and Edited by Just 2 Guys Creative Connect with us on Facebook! & Mike Williamson Productions We make videos! For business inquiries only Video Rating: / 5 Linus Lerner conducts the Southern Arizona Symphony Orchestra in “Landscapes” by Pete Fine, in concert in 2013. A studio recording of this music is included on SASO’s CD “Celebration!” and is available at Pete Fine started his musical career as a progressive rock guitarist. As a teenager he stumbled upon Bruckner’s 8th symphony and was overwhelmed by the music, which opened up the classical world to him. Borrowing scores from the Lincoln Center library in New York, he taught himself composition and orchestration. In 1972 he composed and recorded his first orchestral work, a suite for 12-string guitar and chamber orchestra. Pete moved to Tucson in 1974 and continued composing, along with being an active performer on acoustic and electric guitar, occasionally performing with a local Led Zeppelin tribute band, Whole Lotta Zep. He has also studied and performed the classical music of India on sitar. He writes: “Landscapes” had its origins in 2011 […]


  • srockport 4 years ago

    Just found your "Landscapes" vids – LOVE THEM! Please consider making more. These are fabulous for taking a 5 minute "just breathe" break during a stressful day. Thank you!!

  • J2Gbits 4 years ago

    Thank you Aaron! Appreciate that 🙂

  • Aaron Burton 4 years ago

    Mad talent.

  • Jim Stone 4 years ago


  • Awesome!!!

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