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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote Let’s face it – a beautiful water feature is a sure sign of refreshment in the desert, whether it’s indoors or out. One homeowner and a retirement community both have the right idea for creating an oasis, and Ralph at Pondscapes AZ made their dreams come true! Visit Pondscapes’ YouTube channel: Visit Pondscapes’ website: BECOME A POND BUILDER: Find a Pond Job: SUBSCRIBE to TEAM AQUASCAPE: Follow Us on Facebook: Visit Our Websites: Water Features & Water Gardens Home Video Rating: / 5


Desert Gardens



  • S Hunter 1 week ago

    I love how excited the homeowners are about their water features!  Water features do add SOOOO much enjoyment to your life!  Beautiful work, Ralph!

  • Sarah Drozdowski 1 week ago


  • CallDerek 1 week ago

    I really like that indoor feature… What a nice feature for the residents of that home.

  • Brad Heuser 1 week ago

    Awesome job Ralph!

  • beth montgomery 1 week ago

    Stunning work Ralph!

  • Billy Nauss 1 week ago

    Great job Ralph! That backyard has it all

  • Jennifer Zuri 1 week ago

    Love the water feature for the retirement center. Nice job, Ralph!

  • Lori Jansen 1 week ago

    Beautiful water features Ralph!

  • Chris Wilson 1 week ago

    Naming fish is the Kiss of Death in my backyard 🙂 Love seeing the desert aquascape lifestyle

  • James Crowley 1 week ago

    Looks Great Ralph!

  • Colorado Pond Pros 1 week ago

    Really nice. There's always room for the aquascape liftestyle!

  • Justin Weist 1 week ago

    Ralph, I hope to see you at Pondemonium! I really like that indoor feature you did! "Employee Indoor Retreats" are something we really want to build the market for. Thanks again to Greg & his team for doing this awesome vlog and bringing awareness to the artists and the water features they create! Thank You!

  • Trey Bradley 1 week ago

    Great work Ralph and Team

  • Gord Szolnyanszky 1 week ago

    Pretty barren landscapes in AZ. Good thing Pondscapes is around to bring in some sound and movement. Nice job Ralph and Alison!

  • Ann Schilling 1 week ago

    Great job Ralph!

  • May Aquascape 1 week ago

    Nice work!!!!

  • Lauri Mitchell 1 week ago

    Great ideas here for Assisted Living feature.

  • Lauri Mitchell 1 week ago

    It's interesting to see a pond in the arid Arizona environment. I can't imagine why they chose not to eat their Blue Gill!

  • Debbie Vincent 1 week ago

    Great showcase – both indoors and out, once again living the Aquascape Lifestyle.

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