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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote A contemporary garden constructed by Conway Landscapes. Designed by Quercus Garden Design. This contemporary garden was built under a time lapse camera to give an idea of how a small garden design can work, ensuring that when the garden is landscaped attention to detail will produce a clean contemporary look. Using up to date modern materials like astroturf, rubadeck, slatted panels, sleepers, gabions, pebbles, cobbles and sandstone paving. Landscaping is made so much easier using a garden designer and experienced landscapers and hope that this time lapse camera shows how you can achieve a contemporary look with minimum effort, but maximum contemporary finish. Video Rating: / 5

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  • blevins frank 4 years ago

    as i suspected, an inferior sized small yard from across the pond. You rarely see such a small an pathetic sized yard like that here in the states. Merica, fuck yeah.?

  • muse 77 4 years ago

    NOT LIKING IT. lol?

  • dunbar dunelm 4 years ago

    Everyone to their own BS ??

  • Zareth DeTullio 4 years ago

    Quercus.. like an oak.. but theres only fake bullshit and astroturf =[?

  • Janko Somodi 4 years ago

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  • trung Hu?nh 4 years ago

    in my opinion, we make a garden because we want to live in harmony with nature, but this is so unnatural.?

  • J o n a t h a n 4 years ago

    i like what you did with the drain. You going to dominate your neighbours with that garden?

  • eslam alemam 4 years ago


  • Exciotech Garden Services 4 years ago

    cool video and music thanks for the video?

  • Elijah O'neal 4 years ago

    What is the name of this song??

  • Sherry Lee 4 years ago

    Interesting, but I am wondering if the posts for the new fence were dug into the ground or attached to the existing fence.

  • Dwight Hennings 4 years ago

    whats this song I like it lol.?

  • Ana Darlene 4 years ago

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  • CASPER215676 4 years ago

    whats the fencing called/ where can i buy it from??

  • Kepler Way 4 years ago

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  • Fallout3131 4 years ago


  • Jerry MC (JerrysMinecraftJourney) 4 years ago

    The design is very nice, However… The planting choices were lacking in my opinion, There is no depth to the planting scheme and no 'wow' factor, When thinking of planting schemes its very important, for me, to think about the effect its having on the garden as a habitat, rather than what's easiest. The artificial turf kills the soil beneath, as well as killing any life within it. The planting was just foliage, no beneficial plants for the wildlife. This garden will not see any wildlife as the Turf and planting

  • Katie Madison 4 years ago

    Time lapse videos are my favorite. Especially such type. The way how those 2 men works, is really remarkable. Very hard work and the design they choose to renovate is also good. Keep it up guys.?

  • Truone1980 4 years ago

    Pretty cool but how much does it cost to fix a small area up that nicely??