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  • The Landscaping Employee Trap + Window Cleaning 4 years ago

    That's awesome

    The Landscaping Employee Trap.

  • Sheds Direct 4 years ago

    How long have you been in lawn care services? I am very much grateful for extending your great ideas just to make us learn. I found your works quite credible. Every homeowners could probably benefit these tricks in relation to beautifying their own lawn. Nice video indeed! 

  • Sheds Direct Manchester 4 years ago

    This video is very informative and a great learning tool for every homeowner to enlighten their mind on what landscaping benefits they can reap! Congratulations for this job well done! 

  • D and J landscaping 4 years ago

    Landscaping and gardening can be challenging for homeowners and these tips will help provide some basics and essentials to getting started.

  • Nancy Covinston 4 years ago

    There is a landscaping idea design guide on where you can make these plans to fit your own yard.

  • charice pempo 4 years ago

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  • PVC Bendit 4 years ago

    good time to watch this video

  • Kurt Borglum 4 years ago

    great video

  • Jimmy Page 4 years ago

    That sod cutter is a fine machine. Too bad I cant find any 4sale or 4 rent in my country. Is it know by any other names by chance?

  • Andrew Cushing 4 years ago

    good ideas on landscaping, very clear

  • Brady Manker 4 years ago

    I like how you explain everthing before you do it

  • Ryan Pitcairn 4 years ago

    gives good options and explanations

  • Drew Lansman 4 years ago

    how much do the sodcutters cost

  • Austin Duermyer 4 years ago

    i like the video because he shows the good ideas of how to landscape and make the outside look good.. i also like how he put some of the machines used to cut the grass.

  • mpflaherty1 4 years ago

    You don't need herbicide. Simply cut the turf areas you no longer need, flip them over, mulch with layers of newspaper/clean cardboard, alternate with layers of composted garden soil (which you'll add anyway to build up the beds) and plant right through it. I've done it. It works. Occasionally aggressive roots need to be cut and the cut ends conservatively painted with herbicide before layering in beds, but liberal herbicide application is never necessary.

  • GottaShopIt com 4 years ago

    Oh!! nice video..thanks for the video tutorial.

  • drivet24 4 years ago

    How about instead of being your typical negative you tube troller, maybe say, "Hey instead of using herbicide try using _________. Now you fill in the blank dude. That would be informative! Not just another negative comment like an old caveman…now that would be jurassic. If you agree hit like 🙂 Good luck w/ that impec.

  • NashvilleLandscaping 4 years ago

    Really great video with useful information. I wish I could have seen your trees and boulders in. 

  • zoki ali 4 years ago

    did you put new grass over the old grass or did you rip it all out

  • zoki ali 4 years ago

    hi i am just starting my landscaping business i was wondering if you could tell me were you got that design on your computer so i can design my own land scape thanks thumbs up from the green capital of austtralia adelaide

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