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  • DARKSIDE X 7 years ago

    Okay I sent a message to your email. Thank you so much. When I get ghost
    peppers on my plant I’ll have to return the favor and send you some seeds.

  • DARKSIDE X 7 years ago

    Okay I’m going to need some seeds. Had no luck finding it. I tried sending
    you a message with my address but it said I need to add you as a contact

  • DARKSIDE X 7 years ago

    A minute later it started burning and it got all runny. By the way have you
    eaten any yet?

  • DARKSIDE X 7 years ago

    Maybe. You gave me an idea on where to find one and I want to check first.
    You said you found it at a place called Cardenas Market. Well here in
    Phoenix we have something similar called Ranch Market. Anyway if your going
    to get seeds out of the pods make sure you wear gloves. If you get the oils
    from it on your skin it burns for while followed by a stinging filling. I
    made the mistake of not wearing gloves one time. I thought I washed my
    hands all the way. My nose itched and I scratched it.

  • DARKSIDE X 7 years ago

    Dude you are very lucky to have found that. I’ve been looking for one of
    those for two years now. I use to have a huge one but it died. I’m telling
    you right now take good care of that plant because the seeds are very hard
    to get growing.

  • ERIC WESTFALL 7 years ago

    thanks I thought they were neat… if you would like seeds I can send you