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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5] In this video I teach a very basic tutorial on how to photograph the milky way. I talk about the type of gear needed, how to plan milky way photography, where to find the milky way, and camera settings to photograph the milky way. Check out my blog post on Milky Way Photography: Here is the formula for shutter speed: Full Frame Cameras: 500/focal length Ex: 15mm – 500/15= 30 second shutter speed Crop Sensor Formula: 500/1.5 x focal length EX: 11mm x 1.5= 17mm 500/17=29.4 or 30 seconds My Full Kit: (Affiliate Links) Nikon D850: Sony A73: Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8: Tamron 15-30mm F/2.8: Sony 28mm F/2 Lens: Sony 55mm F/1.8 Zeiss: Haida 150mm Filter Holder: Rode Lav Mic: Zoom H1 Recorder: Rode SC3 adapter for Zoom H1: Sony A73 Intervalometer: Follow Me: My website and newsletter: Video Rating: / 5


  • Brent Hall 8 months ago

    Also, for anyone with a Canon crop sensor (APS-C) it's a 1.6X crop factor. And for anyone with an android device, I recommend an app called Sun Surveyor. Very similar to Photo Pills, but for android.

  • PhotoPills 8 months ago

    Mike! Amazing video! Thanks so much for using PhotoPills and thanks for the mention <3

  • Tun Lin 8 months ago

    Love it. Thanks for your time and sharing 🙂

  • Animalyze71 8 months ago

    Great video, from my experience though anything more than 20 seconds or so on a crop sensor camera like my Canon 50D and the 70D you get enlongated tic tac shaped stars. I usually go 15 secs or 20 secs both work out pretty well except the 15 sec ones are bit darker and less crisp. The 28-135 and 18-55 work good as well as my 55-250. 18-50 seems best even though it's lowest setting is fl3.5. I'm gonna bet if I borrow my friends 70-200 2.8 IS I'd get some interesting shots.

  • DRQ Fluppy 8 months ago

    Does the Milky Way appear on October ? Northern hemisphere? , I’m planning to go photo graph tomorrow.

  • Jacek Wagner 8 months ago

    You speak too quickly without interruptions. Speakers in a different language must slow down your video.

  • saideepsingh thakur 8 months ago

    Which app are u using bro?

  • Beckie Annabell 8 months ago

    Hope you can help, going to give it a shot and film the nothern lights soon I have a DSLR camera lense 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6 Canon 80d, I am stuck on this focal point math? Where do I begin!? Great video 🙂

  • Link Pretty Ass 8 months ago

    How do I not get my camera stolen??

  • On a tripod the focal length and shutter speed rule does not apply

  • The InnerPalace Mind 8 months ago

    Crop sensor camera? Yup. I already lost it….

  • Thanhduy Channel 8 months ago

    Can i have name of app u using to find Milk way is?

  • HARSHATH'S Devadiga 8 months ago

    Sir Iam useing 18mm
    How i capture milky Way

  • Mr Fnck 8 months ago

    aps-c is 500 div by 1.6 div by focal length or 500 div by (1.6 x focal length)… just for information and good video for begin in astrophotography

  • trancelistic 8 months ago

    I dislike living in Holland because everywhere I go is insane light polution.

  • Sidharth 8 months ago

    Any good app like that for ANDROID??

  • kfacpa 8 months ago

    Thanks for the great video love the time lapse at the end… What adjustment must be made for higher megapixel cameras? thanks!

  • Arkham Asylum 8 months ago

    @4:07 totally surprised you know that the stars move and not the Earth rotating.
    Fucking awesome

  • balaji hustler 8 months ago

    5:20 wow so beautiful man !

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