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[Total: 0   Average: 0/5]You must sign in to vote I hope you all enjoy this quick simple plant organization at the same time baking my favorite dessert. Hopefully this gives you some motivation that multitasking is not a bad idea….. Its accomplishment.! Thank you always for watching! Video Rating: / 5 You asked and we delivered: we’re making M&S Plant Kitchen even sweeter with our £1.75 vegan dessert pots. Available in store now, you can choose your #MyMarksFave from coconut panna cotta topped with mango and passionfruit compote, or a chocolate ganache with chocolate sauce and nibs. YouTube: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Video Rating: / 5


  • Holly Hasegawa Nielson 4 weeks ago

    Hi Myra, just catching up on a few videos and I ran into this wonderful one. I love all of your plant stands and pots that you got, I love TJ Maxx they have some beautiful things for plants. I really like how you arranged your plants and the macrame hanger and the plants you put in it. That dessert looks so delicious and I will have to get the recipe and try it out since I love berries too. I am glad that you are staying safe and healthy in this crazy time. Thank you again it is always so good to see you, I always need the joy you bring me. Sending love and many big hugs, bye for now.

  • The Chabiloos 4 weeks ago

    Grabe ang dami mo na talaga plant sis. Your house looks so cozy and relaxing with all the plants. They are all beautiful. Ang linis mo din sa bahay sis. Haha. Napasmile ako sa happiness is buying more plants. I sooo love your home. Tanggal stress mo pag ganyan ka organize ang mga halaman

  • Charles & Kathy Mae 4 weeks ago

    I love those hannging plants. I wanted to have alot of indoor plants but my husband is worried about the molds

  • JoElla ChanneL 4 weeks ago

    That’s yummy sis! Enjoy ur dessert… I enjoyed watching u cleaning ur plants and eating that yummy dessert

  • Havi Bella 4 weeks ago

    I wanna try this recepi ^^

  • Cactus Caffeine 4 weeks ago

    Ooh, that desert looks good! I wanna try it. Is the consistency like a cake or like a leche flan? I can’t tell from the video. But I like berries, too! …Oh, I just heard you say it is like a flan. I like it already! I love leche flan and creme brûlée so I think I will try that recipe. Thanks Myra!

  • CaseyMichelle Vlogs 4 weeks ago

    Ohhhmy, I love your plant collections. I also do the same every spring everything is prepared for my garden.

  • Aleth’s Liv 4 weeks ago

    Hello my dear Myra, can I have one slice please? It looks so delicious, I would love that to pair with my chamomile tea

  • Brennan Family 4 weeks ago

    Yummy dessert

  • Pinay Jungle Home 4 weeks ago

    Love it! I love the stand so cute! Yummy dessert

  • Nelida quintana 4 weeks ago

    Those plants are so beautiful and the dessert so yummi. I' m Glad I found your channel

  • Noemi's Plants Journal 4 weeks ago

    As always, your plants are beautiful and the dessert you made looks so yummy.

  • Asen Asenla 4 weeks ago

    Halo Myra☺☺☺

  • Swiss Pinay 4 weeks ago

    I love your garden inside the house sis nkakarelax yan madaming plants, tambay muna ako dito sarap ng snacks mo.

  • Lifepaholic 4 weeks ago

    Hi Myra, thanks for sharing your dessert, it looks delicious and love how you set up your plants, they looks so amazing and can you do a Spring house plant tour next time please. Thanks so much 🙂

  • linda may 4 weeks ago

    I'm bringing some Vanilla Ice cream over to your house, that dessert looked so good. Thanks for sharing!!!! Happy growing!

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